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  • Подкрепете 'Да помогнем на Боби да проходи!' организирано от 'Миглена Великова'
    Update 26.11.2019 Скъпи дарители, с наближаването на края на една много емоционална и вълнуваща година за нашето семейство искаме да ви благодарим
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  • Основната задача във всеки бизнес е да види възможност там, където другите не я виждат.

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    Това ли е година, в която ще ще направите сериозно някои промени
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  • Want to improve your overall health and vision?

    Everything you need for a person's health and life in one product!

    Every day, our body needs more than 600 different nutrients: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, micro and macro elements. Modern science has proven that most of them are found in algae. At the same time, the Vertera algae gel breaks down much better than plants / algae powder in other products, since the gel formula is similar in composition and structure to blood plasma. Our body absorbs Useful Gel Substances over 93%.

    Do you want more of everything in one product? Is this possible ? The answer is YES - Vertera gel.

    Vertera gel kelp contains Vegetable fibers that have ion-exchange properties. No plant on the earth's surface can boast such properties!

    This means that Vertera Gel is a unique product of the two-in-one principle:

    Vertera Gel cleanses cells and the body of all unnecessary toxins, then fills it with all the necessary elements!

    100% ORGANIC - a unique formula that has no analogue in the world!
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  • http://selftest.vertera.org/282854
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  • World of Retail is a community of healthy, free and successful people.

    Do you want to be healthy? We have exclusive products - smart food for everyone's health and longevity. You will be healthy, energetic and attractive!

    Do you want to be FREE? We have unique business opportunities anywhere in the world that everyone can handle.

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    The retail world is your life in love, health, longevity, happiness and prosperity!

    For more information on the proposals, see the website: http://vertera.org/?ref=282854

    E-commerce portal
    "The World of Commerce"

    The financial basis of your future mining club:


    Свет World of Healthy People Foundation

    World of Retail - Vertera is a business + community of successful people. The goal is to make this world a better place. Come join:
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