In a software testing industry, a bug is a defect, error, fault that can cause an issue or incorrect results while using any software application or product. In other words, a software bug is a defect or an error that gives inappropriate results. Bug Reporting is imperative for the software testing life cycle, with that reports the developers could solve and fix the issue. When the software is not working properly as it should be, then the software implies that there is a bug in that software application or product. A bug report is a document that helps in communicating with the developers which part of the software application is not working as expected and to solve the issue in the software product. A tester not only helps a developer by providing a bug report to fix and resolve it but also by reducing the chance of a bug reaching the production phase or in the market. The software bug reporting in testing should consist of enough information that helps the developer to fix and solve the exact issue on time. If the bug report is not in a way that the developer can understand, then the developer will not be able to reproduce the bug.


For ensuring that the quality of the bug report is good enough then have look at some best practices for bug reporting in testing: 

  • Easy Bug Reporting


Developers only want that the bug report should be in an easy and simple format, then only they will be able to understand and fix the bug properly. Do not write a too-long description of the problem.

  • Use proper language


The bug report should be in a proper language through which the developer can understand the exact issue of an application or any software product. Make sure that the report should not have any ambiguity and misrepresentation. The bug report should contain simple sentences to describe the bug.

  • Early bug report


If the bug is identified then make sure that the bug report should be given early to the developers so that they can fix the bug and the product will reach the market as early as possible. 

  • Clear and specified bug report


The first and foremost thing is that when you identify the bug then that software bug reporting should be clear, specific, and to the point, so developers would not face any difficulty in fixing the bug. Do not write an essay about the problems on the bug report, the report should be in a summarized way in minimum words and contain all the information required.

  • Reproducible bug


Do not skip or forget to mention the steps of reproducible bugs. The bug will never get fixed or resolved if the bug is not reproducible. It will be easy for the developer if the bug is clearly mentioned and described step by step. 

When it comes to the software bug report as you clearly mentioned the test data details and described it step by step then developers love your bug reports.