Tomorrow Lost Ark is going through a period of downtime to fix the timer for daylight saving time and other issues, and the bugged Tytalos Guardian Raid will also be compensated.

This week, many players are choosing to set their clocks ahead of time in the face of time changes, and some games prep or pause time to change their game clocks and systems in order to match the new display time. Since Lost Ark's world event timer didn't reset properly in Monday's patch, the team had to re-fix it again. And the player needs to restart DST on the computer for it to work.

In this time change error, it will be compensated by issuing 3000 Grand Prix event tokens. The Arkesia Grand Prix has begun and will continue throughout the month. But the Grand Prix is ​​also bugged, it won't work if you complete the Grand Prix's time quests with a character below level 50. Since the glitch won't be fixed in tomorrow's update, the tokens will only be available for Cheap Lost Ark Gold a while longer.

Also, if you're affected by the bugged Tytalos Guardian Raid, then you'll have another nice compensation. If you lose an item, the game will provide you with an approximate subsidy based on the item you lost, including four types of item options: Awakening Stones, Consumable Battle Items, Phoenix Feathers, Blue Crystals.

The issue with Crystal bonus packs is also fixable in this update. After the fix, players were able to get the correct amount of Crystal.

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