During new employee onboarding, employees are trained for a particular period that depends on the company and their job responsibilities. This is an important procedure as it familiarizes the new employees with their company and job responsibilities. But why should you consider improving the onboarding experience of your company?

Onboarding is the only way to let your new employees know about the goals and vision of your company, how they fit inside it and what is expected of them. It is a process that creates the first impression of your company. It can build or break your respect, you can create potential leaders from the process or you can create just workers. There are many possibilities of what can be the result of an onboarding process.

The pre onboarding process is taken care of by the HR team. Usually, a senior employee at work takes care of the new employees and is assigned to them as a mentor. During this time it is critical to make your employees feel engaged and have a good learning experience.

How poor onboarding can affect the company?

The common effects of an unmanaged onboarding procedure are a reduction in employee retention, cost to the company to hire new employees, lack of experienced employees in the company, etc. It can harm your business reputation among other factors.

Squadsy specializes in improving the onboarding experience of different companies by their custom onboarding process. Squadsy can help your company in better staff management; improve pre onboarding experience with the powerful tools that they use in the development process. Some key features include automated texts, emails and notifications, roles and responsibilities automation, workflow for the day, personalized journeys, automated analytics among many other features.

An effective onboarding process can help HR teams in improving their employee retention by more than 80%. By using special programs like the goal buddy system, gaming-based onboarding, buddy responsibilities you can create a highly engaging atmosphere for newly hired professionals and make them feel at ease.

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