Watch this video first 


Sir Or Madom


 Have you been using Facebook whatsup, youtube instagram google for so long and got any income?



 From now on you will get income by using all these


 This is a Uk Government Registered Company


 This is Complete Free Registration



 This is the browsing platform we use, like Chrome and Uc


 The name of the company is 5billionsales


 Android phone users need to download Kiwi Browser and register 5billionsales in Kiwi browsers


 With the extension of 5billionsales you can earn money through Kiwi Browser by using all the social media app, websites like Facebook, Whatsup, Instagram, Youtube, Google etc. that you use as internet.


(Safari browser for Apple and iOS phones,

 Chrome for Windows Computer Laptop users, Firefox browser,

 For Mac OS Computor and Laptop users

 Must download Safari Browser)



Things to do with new Joins


1. User Name,

 Enter Secret Code, Full Name, Date Of Birth Address, City Email Address, Password All Correctly.


 If you are registering with a Google Account you will need to remember the password of your Google Email ID.


 If it is Email With Password, otp will appear in the email id. Type it and submit

 Being registered.



2) The Money Maker Page is displayed as a dashboard


You Sell Your Data Income

(If you want to get Extension of Self Income Refer Income Level Income, Vcash bonus 5billionsales , follow the steps below *



 After first registering or logging in


Select Money Maker Page & Sell Your Data Click 


1. Profile Data & Survey Complete


2. Download Extenssion


3. Browsing Intternet Use


4. Validate Daily 


 5. 10x Faster Activate


You can withdraw up to 10 times as fast as you want

(10xFaster Payment)


 Money Maker Page Open


 Click on the Refer & Earn option

 Scroll down and click on the 10x Faster option

 Activate Button from

0 to 100 and tell your sponsor, Downlines, to do 10x Faster as you do.


 Scroll down to your Money Maker Page and you will see you Earning Wallet

 Your Refer Income, Ovverride (level income)


 Self Income, Vcash bonus

 Check all *


 The 5billionsales site must be open at least 3 days a week


 Failure to do so at least 3 days a week will result in a fine from the company


 Minimum 45 minutes every day in kiwi browser (Android

 Vcash bonus Extra for

$ 0.50 daily using the net through the extension of 5billionsales



When a month is up

$ 0.50 × 30 = $ 15

 (1150 Rs).


1 Months= 1150 Rs Is Only 15 Minut Internet Use


 It gives us $ 401.5 annually when we register and our account becomes active

(Daily $ 1.10)


$ 1.10 × 365 = 401.5

(30000+ Rs) is yearly.



 Referral Commission

(Level 1)

From the number of active people who came through our link


 $ 100 (7500 Rs)


And monthly. 


 Level Commission

(Level 2 To Level 16)



Below are the names of those who are active below the number of retirees


 $ 5 (375 Rs)


Will get.



(Activate 10x Faster to refer income,  level Level Income, Vcash bonus 10 times faster

 Do this to get the first payment within 60 days. All subsequent months can be withdrawn monthly.


 It will only be available if everyone completes the Tasks mentioned in the video above mentioned by the company.


If you add a minimum of $ 20 in your wallet, you can withdraw without kyc.

If the add in your wallet is above $ 2000 you need to kyc




 Also, let everyone join the maximum number of people through their link, and tell those who have joined their link to join the maximum number of people.


 Build a good team for everyone


Everyone with an Android mobile can download Kiwi Browser and use only 5billionsales of it



iphone(iOS) Users Safari Browser link ๐Ÿ‘‡



 I will give you the Register Link ๐Ÿ‘‡







Thank You



After Download Kiwi Browser 


 How To Register In 5billionsales With Kiwi Browser 


Hindi Vedio ๐Ÿ‘‡



Sell Your Data & Extenssion & Validate Complete 


Hindi Vedio ๐Ÿ‘‡



After Sell Your Data Full Complete


How To 10x Faster Payment Complete?


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English Task full vedio ๐Ÿ‘‡





How 10x Faster?