If you flew to Dubai and got tired of walking and shopping, it's time to get to know this charming place from a new perspective. You undoubtedly know little or more about Dubai desert safari. It is an adventurous and entertaining journey of your life. The sand dunes, painted scarlet by the rays of the sunset, look so fantastic that it is hard to believe in the reality of what is happening. 


Desert Safari:


Get ready for an unforgettable day. You will see what the Dubai Desert Safari looks like. While for some, there are sand dunes, there are steep turns of roller coasters for others. But you don't need to worry, as experienced drivers and reliable 6-7 seater vehicles guarantee a safe trip. 


An authentic oriental show will occur with belly dance, skirt dance, and fire taming before your eyes. And at the end of the day, a fabulous sunset over sandy waves awaits you. Don't forget to take your camera to capture the jaw-dropping scenery of sunset and sunrise. Besides, you can also enjoy the brave Falconry show under the strict observation of experts. 


Desert safari Dubai:


 Your small but breathtaking adventure will begin by boarding luxury SUVs like Hummer and Land Rover. Be ready to go in the middle of the desert and conquer the dunes. First, you will navigate towards the camel farm, where you can do a camel safari. It is quite an adventurous and new experience for the newbie. But it leaves a remarkable effect on your mind for the rest of your life.


Here you can explore the natural oasis of the desert. It gives you a photogenic view to capture amazing pictures. You are allowed to spend some time in these green islands that suddenly appear in the middle of the dunes of the desert. On the camel farm, you will see about 2 thousand camels. Besides this, there is also a factory for producing products based on camel milk.


 After the farm visit, the ride will bring you ahead to conquer the sandy expansions. Have you ever seen a sunset in the Arabian Desert? - It's time to do it during the Dubai desert safari. You will see a magnificent performance that you can enjoy only here and now.  


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Hookahs, quad biking, and other entertainment



Don't forget to enjoy the series of massive entertainment during the desert safari. But it does not include in the sand dune safari. If you want to customize your package, then you have to pay additional charges. If you have the budget, it is not a good idea to miss the entertaining part.


You will enjoy the session of Hookah, Henna painting, traditional Tanoura dance, Belly dance, and alcohol drinking. So, you can make the tour even more memorable for an additional fee. For example, before you go to the Bedouin camp, you can pay for the rental of ATVs and ride them through the dunes. Also, all participants of the tour are invited to ride a camel, after a trip through the sand dunes, order a fragrant hookah, dinner and stay overnight in one of the tents.


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