There is no fool-proof thanks to avoid the various scams out there and not just Cash App Query Money flipping as they're called.

However, to avoid falling for these scams, Cash App fans should know that “flipping” isn't a true circumstance. While there are legitimate and real giveaways from Cash App itself and celebrities, it's important to notice and proceed with caution.

For impersonation scams, they're going to usually claim to be famous celebs assistants and executives or maybe blunter and act as Cash App customer service representatives.

So, the simplest thanks to not fall under their traps is to only avoid them regardless of how appealing the offer could also be to undertake and lure you in. Know that they're fake and move in. If you've got a couple of seconds to spare, it might help others if you'd report them. To do so, Tap the icon located at the highest of the Tweet or comment and choose Report Tweet.

Another thing to notice is that while Cash App is out there outside the us , the giveaways for #SuperCashAppFriday and #CashAppFriday is restricted to only the U.S. participants.

Tips to Avoid Cash Flipping Scams:

  • Tell a true Cash App giveaway from a scam
  • Browse online – Do an internet search of their username or telephone number and see if there are victims of the scammer that have posted complaints online.
  • Be wary of buzz words – Avoid Certain phrases that raise a red flag like “guaranteed”, no risk, high return, alittle investment which will cause you to thousands in jiffy .
  • Treat Cash App like actual cash – Once the cash is shipped from your Cash App account, the probabilities of getting your a refund is extremely low.