Fear is associated with courage. The concept of fear gives us the strength to be fearless. Every child goes through this process of being a fearless person when some strong personality in his surrounding guides him towards the hope of light. Every child needs strong personalities in his life to be fearless in his adulthood. Children are the most delicate creatures of this world and they can be molded into whatever ways the adults around them influence them to be like. It is very significant for the adults at homes to encourage the children to build up a self-confidence in them to become strong and vocal personalities in their future. We very often witness that the adults in our households demotivate the children by stopping them to ask questions and give their viewpoints to the adults because they are fearless kids.

Since the very start of this world, the adults never appreciated the concept of kids giving their opinions in front of the adults as it is considered as a symbol of disrespect for the adults. The children, despite presenting and valid perspectives are always scared off to not speak in front of their elders. These incidents badly damage the self-confidence of the children and they start to self-doubt themselves and never present their point of views ever again even in the situations they have been encouraged to speak.  

To be fearless individuals in the future, the children should be motivated to ask questions without the shame of being judged or put off. No matter how silly the questions can be, adults, especially the mentors, have the responsibility to answer the children to give them the confidence they themselves never got from their parents and peers in their respective childhood. 

Smart parents and other influential personalities at our homes and in our circles, push the kids to step out of their bubble of fear and they fearlessly start to ask away the questions they have been stopped from asking. It is an essential aspect of parenting and growing up that the children get the opportunity to express themselves. These occasions are the breaking or building points of a child's fearless journey towards the life he can never imagine what holds. 

Parents and teachers always think that big monsters or witches scare the children the most when the reality is different. The child wants to be fearless in asking questions and expressing his opinions confidently without being called out or discouraged. The mentors and parents who give the children the chances to be themselves, make them fearless of life. 

Those children are ready to conquer the world and contribute towards the success of their respective nations in the world. These fearless kids are the real heroes and such fearless kids don't need to idealize any other person anymore because they learn to trust and respect their own selves. These fearless kids are their own heroes who inspire the world to be a better and positive place to live in.