Lost Ark is an MMO from Korea. And in Korean MMOs, microtransactions are often added to the game process, but even so this is not very unpleasant. But what the developers didn't expect at all was that this would make Western audiences angry.

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The developers have not yet explained the issue. But to prevent exploitation, they have changed parts of the core experience, but only to a minimal extent. And this fix is ​​only for botted accounts.

The developers, despite seemingly misjudging players owning end-game gear at the start of the game and mismanaging players from some raids, are now heading in the right direction. In order to provide players with the main materials they need to level up, they have introduced new events. And in order for everyone to catch up, he announced that in the future they will inject a steady amount of material into the game.

Obviously, the game was a success in South Korea, and the practice was not condemned, but they never expected to be so strongly criticized in the Lost Ark Gold Western community.

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