Very often people have standardised doubts between a rehab centre session and between a mental asylum, where both are poles apart with different experience and working conditions. As in the past, the mental asylums were merely known in the past where today they are termed as psychiatric hospitals or psychiatric wards inside a hospital where only serious mental disorder patients are kept suffering from split personality disorder, schizophrenia or bipolar, whereas cases of excess depression etc. However, inside a psychiatric ward and in a rehab centre, some of the methodologies would be the same, but the array of facilities and treatment in the environment is completely different. The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India explains the serenity and homelike setting present in a rehab centre where mental peace is the only goal, however in an asylum, the recovery process of mind and body is not only through the path of achieving peace, but also revolves around varied body mechanisms.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol or drugs starts from the initial step of approaching a treatment centre where there are many options of partial hospitalisation if the case is very critical, then inpatient and outpatient housing or an intensive outpatient system. Whereas, in alcohol and narcotics segment the treatment step of detoxification is also a must which involves the flushing out of toxicity, where the same process is also carried out in various mental asylums as well, where in both the locations, patients suffer from the activities or phrases of tremors, hallucinations, anxiety, nausea, headaches, seizures and more. Under both the terms, you will always be under professional care, where keenly patients are watched, observed, where their growth and symptoms are monitored and treated step by step under the professional guidance, whereas a separate nurse for every patient or ward is also alloted.

Both the systems have 24/7 facility with medical staff on the go and accommodations which are highly safe, comfortable and productive for the individual. After the detoxification stage, the individuals who have an underlying issue in the mental disorder phrase, are keenly observed and through behavioural tactics are taken are off, where in a rehab centre, various sessions of meditation, yoga and other activities are done to keep one engaged keenly, to ignore the stage of sheer relapse. Therefore, in each case the stages of dual diagnosis are done where the initial problem if any are taken into consideration. Many asylums and rehab centres also treat the issues of trauma and PTSD as well. However, in a rehab centre, the sessions of individual counselling, AA meetings, family therapies and group therapy sessions are also done.

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