Whenever we want to disable antivirus:

We know that in current times our PC frameworks are much powerless against infection assaults because of our constant association with the web. That is the reason we shouldn't switch off antivirus for no reason. So to keep away from our framework from infection assaults we should know how to briefly disable Bitdefender antivirus.

In the interim time, we experience such a circumstance when we can't introduce some product with antivirus security. SO defeat what is going on and to introduce programming on PC we need to briefly disable Antivirus security.

To know how to disable bitdefender temporarily security one ought to adhere to the guidelines?

  • You ought to disable the antivirus program just for a specific time frame when you are introducing the other program After effective establishment empowers the antivirus once more.
  • On the off chance that you are downloading the program, try to download it from a dependable source.
  • In the event that you are introducing a program by plate, filter the circle with antivirus first. In the event that it is spotless, begin the disabled course of incapacitating.
  • Never disable antivirus except if you will introduce some program or then again on the off chance that you received an email to disable antivirus.


  1. Click on the Settings button in the ANTIVIRUS program interface.
  2. In the Shield tab, switch off the switch close to Bitdefender Shield by tapping on it.
  3. In the Drives and gadgets tab, click on the button close to Scan planned network drives and select Disabled.
  4. Get back to the Protection Features screen.
  5. Reach on the Settings button in the online threat stopover module. In the Web Protection tab, switch off each of the five switches for the accompanying elements: Web assault avoidance, Search Advisor, Encrypted web check, Fraud security, and Phishing assurance. In the Network Threat Prevention tab, set the change to OFF.
  6. Return to the Protection Features screen.
  7. In the FIREWALL module, set the change to OFF.
  8. In the ADVANCED THREAT DEFENSE module, set the change to OFF.
  9. In the ANTISPAM module, set the change to OFF.
  10. In the VULNERABILITY module, set the change to OFF.
  11. In the SAFE FILES module, set the change to OFF.
  12. In the RANSOMWARE REMEDIATION module, set the change to OFF.
  13. Go to the Privacy screen.
  14. Click Configure under PARENTAL CONTROL.
  15. This will open a Bitdefender Central tab in your default internet browser. Sign in whenever provoked.
  16. Pick the profile related to your gadget, click the symbol close to it and select Devices. Uncheck the crate close to the name of your PC, then click SAVE.
  17. In the WEBCAM PROTECTION module, set the change to OFF.
  18. In the PASSWORD MANAGER module, set the change to OFF.
  19. Get back to the fundamental Bitdefender interface and go to the Settings window.
  20. Go to the PROFILES tab.
  21. Set the switch close to Activate profiles naturally to OFF.
  22. Look down to the Real-time enhancement and turn it OFF.
  23. Assuming the issue is settled subsequent to impairing this large number of modules, re-empower only each in turn to distinguish the guilty party module.