Current Custom Made Curtains and Blinds drapes with striking and negligible textures says something in any room. Our ensured an expert skilled worker will prescribe textures to live up to your desires with two-conditioned plans combined with the ideal assistants to coordinate your upholstery.

Much like styling a life with a love seat, improving a window can be troublesome. We have some basic embellishing thoughts to make your inside windows in vogue and practical. Everything starts and finishes with our textures: present-day, exemplary, contemporary, formal, sheer, and tweaked.


Current FabricsQuality Custom Made Curtains draperies with complex examples, present-day pictures weaved or sewed into the texture, one tone, negligible plan style, ribbon groupings of three improving articles on the table for an engaging, kilter plan. 

Formal Fabrics – Curtains made with Brocade or Calico have the novel capacity to a time span to any window, making a space that is outwardly satisfying and look like hundreds of years past.

Blossoms or Plants – Flowers and plant designs are most ordinarily weaved into the texture. They are an incredible method to add a characteristic stylistic layout to your home while bringing the visual magnificence of nature into the room.

New specially designed Curtains – No issue whether you're keen on joining numerous sorts or examples of texture for your home's an inside makeover, you can be certain your associate drape producer will have the option to deliver the ideal beautiful look you want.


Situated in Sydney, our specially designed drapes are the undeniable decision when you need to enrich a stay with textures you have picked. Custom Made Curtains Sydney contrasted with prepackaged blinds, redone draperies permit you to pick the sort of textures and the decorations in addition to the window ornament poles to make the specific plan you look for. All the textures in our showroom can be joined with an embellishment of your decision.


Peruse Fabrics View every one of our textures on offer both available and by means of our texture provider joins

Examine Fabrics Discuss the kinds of textures relying upon the sort of drapes you want
Select Fabrics Choose the textures to work with
Select Style Decide on a plan style that coordinates your inside stylistic theme
Mainstream QUESTIONS
For what reason does a bunch of handcrafted blinds cost to such an extent?
Each redesign venture requires a lot of costs. This incorporates texture masses as materials and work. The cost of each new arrangement of handcrafted blinds depends on the number of sorts of texture you select and the expense of every texture per meter. Besides the expense of the extras, for example, managing, snares and blind bars if necessary. On the off chance that you have to make a figurine of your future inside redesign venture, you are free to visit our texture showroom situated in Sydney. Call us or email us and our texture expert will assist you with this issue.

Do you offer conveyance administrations?

We are satisfied to give conveyance to our clients. At the finish of your buy, your business partner will work with you to organize a conveyance date and time that accommodates your timetable. Current Line Europe will convey and have uniquely designed shade installers go to your home to arrange them up. They will bend over backward to guarantee your new draperies look similarly as great in your home as in the planning cycle at the store.

How is the cycle started?

First, we suggest you peruse our broad assortment of Australian and global textures in plain view. Glance through our plan and example books and afterward settle on a style and texture. In the event that you have to rearrange your old windows, a front room, or a room, you have to carry a photograph to help the texture skilled worker to give the correct input. At that point, we can favor the task and spending plan and we'll begin taking a shot at your new uniquely designed draperies.


Current Line Europe is situated in St Peters Sydney and prevails with regards to finding texture style types, growing new patterns, and advancements in the blind plan. We use them to satisfy the fantasies of inside plan fans. View our instances of various sorts of window ornaments.

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