Monaco pizza biscuit, the best and perfect snack for kids when they come home after school. Also, this cheesy pizza bites recipe becomes an ideal snack for kitty parties or get-together snacks.

The recipe of monaco pizza biscuit is a really simple, easy, and quick-to-make starter dish in any small house party. It will time a saver recipe in between big dining menu.

Monaco pizza biscuit or Monaco Biscuit Party Topping as the name suggests is an easy and cheesy appetizing snack recipe.

This monaco pizza biscuit has biscuit as the base and then a cheesy vegetable-loaded topping on top. The combination of salted biscuits, some veggies with cheese is always a win-win and healthy amongst kids.

These monaco pizza biscuit are salty biscuits, schezwan sauce, loaded with veggies, and cheese, kids would eat these up in no time.

This monaco pizza biscuit are very famous evening snack, i tried the pizza recipe with this biscuits, you can try this recipe at with pizza ingredients in minimal time.