Many pitfalls should be considered when searching for a new commercial space. Before signing a leasing agreement for commercial space, thorough research and a consultation with an experienced commercial lawyer on the Gold Coast is recommended. It would be best to avoid the things listed below when you lease your next commercial space.

Miscalculating your space needs
Consider your future needs when looking for a new commercial space. Searching for an office that meets the immediate space needs is one thing; planning for future expansion is another. Overspending on office space is better than running out. Employee engagement and productivity will be negatively affected if your office is overcrowded. When entering a commercial lease agreement, consider your future requirements and plan for future growth. An experienced commercial lawyer would have helped many clients in the past and be able to offer advice on this.

Searching only the public listings
Numerous exceptional properties aren't on listing websites. Public listings may miss many good property opportunities, which may fit your business perfectly. Working with a tenant representative broker who knows the industry well is good. Other commercial properties not currently listed will be available for you to view.

What is the company's five-year plan? Again, it would help if you considered that when choosing your property. Choose a commercial space with enough space to grow over the lease term. Spaces that are suitable for commercial use will be able to grow with you - you might be able to include other floors of the building in your lease at some point. Similarly, it might be a good idea to avoid exceptionally long leases. Your workplace prevents your company from growing, and your lease prevents you from taking advantage of valuable opportunities.

Avoiding fit-out charges
There's a break room, a storage area, and plenty of open space to build your business exactly as you have planned. What about the cost? What are you going to do? You are responsible for any fit-out costs if you lease a commercial property, even if it is not yours. Consider this when negotiating a lease, as too costly a lease could leave you without the cash you need to utilize the space you envision. If your landlord appears especially keen to have you as a tenant, you might consider asking them to subsidize the fit-outs.

Renegotiation time is limited
Commercial leases work well for you down the line. However, you may lose sight of the end date. If you can't afford to relocate or don't have the time to move out, you'll feel pressured to renew the lease as the end date approaches. Keeping an eye on the future is always helpful. Let your property manager know if you lease. Newcomers to commercial leasing may find it difficult to avoid mistakes. There are many nuances to property law and leases that you'd be better off consulting a professional commercial lawyer on the Gold Coast for advice. 

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