Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its behaviours. It is a subject in science that focuses on studies of the behaviour of the conscious and subconscious mind. A psychologist is a professional who studies the patient's behaviour and provides the best possible remedies to alleviate their suffering. Students who study to become psychologists need to study various psychological theories and complete projects related to them. To lighten their workload, the students look for psychology assignment help.

What are Students Taught in Psychology?

Psychology as a field has developed with time. Students are taught various theories related to human behaviour. Here are some of the most popular psychological theories taught to students studying Psychology as a major in Australia

  • Fred’s Psychoanalytic theory:

According to this theory, a human personality could be divided into the id, ego, and Superego.

  1. Id: The Id comprises all the traits which a human being acquired congenially. It comprises all behaviours which are implemented based on instincts. This behaviour aims to obtain instant pleasure or alleviate pain, and the behaviour does not need to have any rational logic behind it.
  2. Ego: The Ego is the behaviour that happens because of the direct exposure to the external world. The ego is a mediator between the irrational ID and the external environment. Ego also focuses on attaining pleasure and avoiding pain, but the measures taken depend on the external conditions.
  3. Superego: The Superego comprises the ethical norms a person acquires during the early stages of life. These mortal standards are large because of the influences of the parents or guardians with which the child spends the formative years of life. Breaching the ethical standards of the Superego can generate feelings of guilt and anxiety among the individual.
  • The 16 personality theory:

This theory determines an individual’s personality and the most appropriate career options and social behaviour patterns they must inculcate to ensure that they live a happy and productive lifestyle. The 16th personality test is one of the most popular psychological tests conducted by psychologists to get to know about a person.

The aspects around which the personality of an individual is analysed are:

  1. Extrovert vs Introvert:  Depending on personality, an individual behaves differently in response to the external environment. An extrovert would prefer to communicate with people, whereas an Introvert would love to do activities in solitary confinement
  2. Observant Vs. Intuitive: Observant people tend to be practical, whereas intuitive people are naturally curious
  3. Thinking vs Feeling: The people with a thinking personality prefer to be rational compared to emotional, whereas a feeling personality tends to make decisions based on emotional impulses.
  4. Judging vs Observing: The people with a judging personality work in an organised pattern, whereas people with an observing personality focus on improvisations.
  5. Assertive vs Turbulent: Assertive people are resistant to stress, whereas turbulent people are more prone to stress

To become a psychologist, students must be well versed with these theories. They are required to complete many academic projects related to these theories, and when students try to complete these projects by themselves, they tend to lose out on grades to avoid these issues. They seek psychology assignment help in Australia. Many online psychology writing services provide Australian assignment help to students of psychology. Students who are struggling to complete their psychology-based projects should seek the help of a psychology assignment writing service.