certain pets can be dropped from bosses, setting up your pet to follow you is an excellent way to RS Gold show off the boss you have defeated recently. We'll take a deep dive and check out everything you need to learn concerning pets and OSRS.

There are three possible methods of getting pets in the game. However, each of them has the chance of rewarding the player with a pet of a different breed. So, it's vital to understand which pets can be acquired via which method. Three methods for getting pets in OSRS are.

Runescape can send you on an exciting journey, no matter what type of gameplay you like. You will require greater protection when you take on formidable foes. Here's everything you should learn about non-degradable armour.

In the land of Gielinor, Runescape players will meet knights, sorcerers and legendary beasts in their quest to achieve greatness. You'll frequently find yourself in the middle of combat wearing your armor to provide vital protection. However, many armors and weapons found in Runescape will deteriorate quickly after repeated usage.

Fortunately, players can get hold of osrs account non-degradable armor that doesn't suffer the same grisly fate. This is the most durable non-degradable armor available in Runescape.