As new hair centers open , finding the best hair transplant clinic gets complicated. For this reason, we want to give you some keys so that you can make the best decision for you.

When it comes to getting a hair graft, there are many details and factors that you must study. Putting on hair , after all, is a surgery —minor and outpatient, but relevant—, so we advise you to take these aspects into account:

The technique: The range extends far beyond the manual technique or FUE technique. Now there is even robotic hair grafting with an excellent success rate. Without going any further, in QMED clinics you can choose between these two options. For both you need to have a good donor area.

The facilities: The location and the means of the center will help you to see if you are in one of the best hair clinics or not. Find out if your clinic still meets all the Spanish health requirements and guarantees. Being close to home is a plus for monitoring.

 The price: The cost of getting Hair transplant clinic is much lower than it was a few years ago . Therefore, you will be able to access good prices on your hair graft without having to fly out of the country. It is normal that you look for an adjusted price, but do not forget to pay attention to everything that it includes and the guarantees that it offers you. A low cost hair graft can cause you to get surprises at the last moment.

 The financing: Most hair transplant patients prefer to pay for their hair transplant in easy installments. It is available in almost all hair centers in Dubai; It's up to you to stay with the best hair transplant clinic . This is something that you will not have in Dubai, since the total cost is paid in advance.

Having a hair graft close to home is a great advantage over going to Dubai.

Although you have very good clinics there, the language, the comfort and the high quality of our healthcare make choosing Dubai a very good decision.

At QMED we work every day to be the best hair transplant clinics in Dubai. We are close to you, we have the latest technology in grafting, the ARTAS iX robot, and we make everything very easy for you. So much so that if you need the first informative consultation we do it by video call. And, of course, we offer interest-free financing for up to 36 months.