When your mind is already battling depression, the idea of consuming alcohol is not the best decision for a depressed mind as the temporary activities of being in isolation or in anxiety and in sadness cannot go away with the drunken and relaxed state which is felt by the mind and body. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states that there is a very strong connection between the intake of alcohol with depressed minds as one condition is literally feeding off the another one where many individuals fell into the motion of depression because of the treatment of alcoholism or vica-versa. It is seen in many cases that during the dual diagnosis of any major depressive disorder into action with alcohol use disorder on the go, there is a major co-occurrence of disorder which is much uncommon but this whole situation becomes very difficult to treat.


It is said that the consumption of alcohol can raise feelings of entering into an euphoric mind where the mind can get a tendency of having feelings where the body and mind is floating in the air and the alcohol acts like a depressant here. There are many sedatives which can given by the doctors which can only be prescribed, thus alcohol does the same work as the drugs for depressed minds, where the central nervous system of our body enters into a lethal and relaxed phrase just as the blood becomes dilated. The more alcohol one individual drinks they more dreadful symptoms are faced by them where the dependency on the intoxication level is mainly seen and the experiences are on the go with a loss of inhibition in the go and the loss of judgement on the move with activities and sights of mood swings, confusion, delusions and more.


The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states that as more one drinks the more severe the symptoms can grow which mainly depends upon the intoxication capacity of the individual whether the individual is intaking wine or beer which can make their temporary feelings fade away in a motion. Drinking in such a severe motion can also increase the risk of development of major depression disorders on the go with varied aggregates of symptoms which are pre-existing and are a major danger to your mental and emotional health. There are many individuals who are diagnosed and tested with severe clinical depression and they remain to be highly cautious when the matter comes to alcohol, however more than 42% of individuals end up being an alcoholic in a depressed state with taking antidepressants on the go and reducing the efficacy amount.


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