Towing is a big industry and is not limited to towing only specific types of vehicles. Instead, it has been used to tow vehicles, trailers, and other trucks for ages. Tow trucks must have varying levels of power, capacity, and strength to tow practically any type of vehicle.


There are various tow trucks, and a reputable company with experience will be familiar with and own them all. Every towing company Oswego, IL, provides high-quality towing services Oswego ranging from light to heavy-duty.


This article post highlights the different towing types and their uses.


Types And Uses Of Tow Trucks:


1) Flatbed Tow Truck:

The most prevalent type of towing truck is the flatbed tow truck, which you have most likely seen on the road. It's also known as a 'rollback' truck because of the long, empty bed at the back. This bed can be used to secure cars and other vehicles. Hydraulics are used to shift the bed of this vehicle upwards and downwards. The truck's bed is lowered to the ground, and the car is towed onto the bed to secure it. There is, however, a weight limit, which you should not exceed. Flatbeds are typically utilized to transfer entirely damaged automobiles that have broken down. It is one of the safest towing methods used by towing service Oswego.


2) Hook And Chain Trucks:

As the name implies, this tow truck style uses a hook and chain to tow a car. It is the earliest technique of towing any vehicle applied by towing company Oswego, IL, and ropes were used instead of chains in the past. It dragged the car behind it with a chain tied to the hooks of two other vehicles. However, because this puts a lot of strain on the towing vehicle, it's becoming less popular. Because the chain may scratch the vehicle's body, it's advisable to have your vehicle towed by a professional towing service Oswego.


3) Wheel Lift:

It is somewhat similar to the hook and chain, but it involves yokes to carry the vehicle with its front wheels. A yoke is like a bar attached to the back of the towing vehicle and goes under the towed vehicle's front wheels. Towing small to medium-sized cars with wheel lift trucks is simple, easy, and safe. They also protect your vehicle from scratches. The front wheels are used in this approach. However, the rear wheels can also be used in some instances.


4) Boom Trucks:

A boom truck is equipped with a hydraulic arm known as a boom. It's a hydraulic arm that can be adjusted to recover cars from ditches and over embankments. It lifts the object using a hook and chain system and is helpful for heavy-duty recovery or towing. Tow truck operators nowadays employ slings and belt lifts to tow since they are safer.


5) Integrated Tow Truck:

An integrated tow truck combines two towing technologies: a boom and a wheel lift. Because these two technologies are combined in one truck, it is a versatile option for various vehicles. This vehicle can be used for towing as well as recovery. The integrated truck is frequently used to tow away illegally parked vehicles. Axles and arms are integrated into the truck's core for added strength.



6) Oversized Towing:

You may also come across heavy-duty towing vehicles and integrated tow trucks. These are large-scale operations' towing and hauling vehicles. These tow trucks, which can be seen dragging massive boats or automobiles down the road, are not your typical tow truck. Even though most small towing companies do not have these in their fleet, they are accessible if you need to transport some large automobiles or construction equipment.


7) Transportation:

Some tow trucks are only required to move a car, machine, or piece of equipment from one location to another. The tow trucks utilized for these duties will vary in size depending on the type of car. Tow trucks move massive amounts of equipment and goods to specific places.




Each towing truck has a different mechanism suitable according to the need of the hour. A professional towing service Oswego will know all about the various truck types and provide customers with the most relevant towing truck. All tow truck drivers must understand the car they drive to ensure a safe towing experience.