Almost five years after its release on the market, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio continues to be the favorite vehicle of lovers of trends and Italian elegance


Life is full of important decisions and choosing the perfect car, which suits our needs and our lifestyle, is one of them. But, what are the factors that lead us to purchase something as relevant as a vehicle? It is clear that buying a car entails a more complex process than buying shoes or a bag since it requires information about the different models on the market, brands, functionalities, and details that the vehicle incorporates. However, there is also an emotional component that makes us visualize ourselves driving that car, feeling that it fits our style and that, like any piece of clothing, it represents us. 


Can we feel a crush as soon as we see a vehicle? The answer is yes, and that is precisely what has happened to us with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the iconic SUV model – Sport Utility Vehicle, in English – that the Italian brand brought to the market almost five years ago and with which it conquered new generations who love trends, the latest technology, and multi-purpose vehicles with a sporty style. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a car and you are looking for a spacious vehicle that offers a hi-tech experience and with an Italian-inspired design, we will tell you why the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the car you need for all your vacation plans. fashion. Take note.

Adapts to your needs

As with clothing, in a car, we look for versatility. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio offers premium design, features, and technology that adapt to all your day-to-day plans in the city, but also to special occasions such as long trips or weekend getaways. Its spacious and comfortable cabin is ideal for comfortably accommodating the whole family in a premium environment, and it also has a wide range of driving assistance functions and connectivity and infotainment applications, which makes it a bet safe.


Offers the perfect balance between design and functionality

And it is this that has made the Alfa Romeo Stelvio capable of seducing a very diverse clientele since its launch, becoming the preferred premium option for independent, emerging, and modern professionals who appreciate luxury and design and look for products that reflect their professional success. In terms of performance, it offers complete standard equipment that includes, among other elements, 49 cm alloy wheels, a leather-wrapped multifunction sports steering wheel with a built-in start button, brake calipers available in two colors, and logos and exterior details. in Dark Miron color.

always connected 

Driving comfort is not just a matter of the quality of the seats or the space we have. alfa romeo lease offers a hi-tech, intuitive, and fully connected experience. Its touch screen of more than 20 cm allows access to the phone, the browser, and the smartphone apps to enjoy the best music or trendy podcasts. In addition, through the My Remote and My Car mobile applications, you can lock or unlock the doors, locate the vehicle or turn on the lights from anywhere, as well as check aspects such as the mileage, the fuel level, or the pressure of the tires.