Cars with bold design and innovative technology rarely appear in the series. They are almost always preserved in the pages of history as concepts that managed to get ahead of their time. Sometimes such cars turn into museum pieces or end up in luxury collections or at concept cars database Consider 10 cars from the last century that looked like the transport of the future.

Urba Town Car. This car could be seen in the movie Total Recall. The model was developed in the 1970s. The creators took the Volkswagen Beetle as a base. The car was powered by 12 golf cart batteries. The power reserve was almost 100 km at a maximum speed of 88 km/h.

Oldsmobile Incas. This car was designed by ItalDesign. This is the concept of an exotic 4-seater car, which provided for a dome in the front of the body. The side doors were in a gull-wing configuration. The interior used comfortable seats and a modern dashboard. All this equipment resembled the cockpit of a spaceship.

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Aston Martin Bulldog. Designed in 1980, which was created specifically to showcase all the latest technology. This was an important step for a manufacturer who wanted to advertise their systems. The model stood out from the rest with huge gull-wing doors, 5 headlights in a special compartment on the front of the body. The car did not have rear-view mirrors, and a large amount of electronics was used in the cabin.

AMC Concept 80 AM Van. 1977 all-wheel drive car project. It was released in a single copy for demonstration. Again, the manufacturer just wanted to create an advertisement for himself. Already at the first exhibition, he made a real stir, but the company initially did not plan mass production.

Bizzarrini Manta. In 1986, a car was introduced with 3 seats, which were located in one row. Under the windshield, a system of blinds that were opened manually for better visibility. When the elements were closed, the dynamics improved - so it was possible to achieve higher speed.

Machinomoto. This is a real motorcycle from ItalDesign, which was released in 1986. The project had 4 wheels, a handlebar, an aluminum floor and 2 rows of motorcycle seats. Up to 9 people could fit in such a transport. They released the project in a single copy as an experiment.

Toyota EX II. Released the car in 1969. This is a 2-seater car, on the basis of which 3 models were to be produced. One is for shopping and trips to work, the second is for cargo transportation, the third is for relaxing on the beach.

Capsula concept car. The development was presented in 1982. The concept showed a complete chassis on which the upper pods could be changed. The car was intended for passenger transportation, emergency services and cargo delivery.

Isdera Commendatore 112i. This car was assembled by hand. The design traditionally used gull-wing doors. In addition, similar movable side panels were provided, which provided free access to the motor. The car differed from others with an unusual windshield wiper, a rear-view mirror on the roof and an improved chassis.

Outcome. Not all interesting concepts appeared on the market as production cars. Many demonstrated the capabilities of companies and the latest developments in the automotive industry.