There are some simple yet effective techniques on how you can improve your food photography. First and foremost, a good food photo should evoke the food's best traits and its inherent deliciousness The fundamentals of achieving delectable food photography are as follows:

Experiment With Height - It is always a good idea to experiment with height and create different levels.  You can do so by using a chopping board to raise up the scene.  Alternatively, you even place the food item on a cake stand and use glasses at different heights.

It is not necessary that you have to go higher.  Even placing foodstuffs on a wrinkled kitchen towel can create texture and break things up by creating visual differences or layers.  Adding some height can create a natural frame that you can work on especially if you are shooting at straight or at different angles.

Spend Some Time Looking At Beautiful Food Images - Set sometime apart during the day to look at good food photography.  Spent 10-15 minutes looking at food images taken by other food photographers in Bangalore, Mumbai, and other Indian cities. It will refresh your creativity and inspire you to create something new through your own lens.  It will also saturate your subconscious mind so that when you begin shooting you will know what will move you emotionally.

Balancing Depth Of Field And Shutter Is Key  - This will enable you to capture different moments in different styles.  Learn to balance depth of field and shutter speed and let it be your guide as you tell stories through sharpness, focus and not to forget exposure.

Shoot Tethered For Better Quality Photos - Shooting tethered can be an absolute game-changer when you are shooting delectable food.  It will allow you to see the photo in real-time. You can then make lighting and styling adjustments and remove unwanted elements you were unable to see in the camera.  

Put Your Vision Down On Paper - Put down your plans for your photoshoot on paper.  Don’t pay much attention to details, just focus on putting down your overall vision on paper.  While doing so, think of the story you want to tell, the props you will be using, the colour palette, lighting and all other aspects related to the composition.

It will help you create a mental image of what you had in mind when you first began planning the photoshoot instead of just shooting randomly and hoping that the photo will come good.  

Focus On The Strength Of The Dish. - When doing food photography, it is important to ask yourself, what is the biggest strength of that food? Is it freshness, texture, colour, or shape? And what feeling comes to your mind when you think of that food?  Comfort, freshness, cosiness, heat?.  In short, find the food’s hero side. 

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