For most homeowners, having sink clogging may be unavoidable. You may be faced with it at one point or the other if you have never had such an experience. And the reason for this is a result of soap, food, dirt, hair, or some other materials passing through the sink, which can block the passage.

Having a clogged sink, you might have made some efforts to get it cleared by yourself, but with no definite result, you wonder how sewer repair company OAKLAND gets it done effortlessly when called upon. There are different plumbing tools used by the companies, which is what positioned them to be experts in unclogging drains and sinks.

Tools used by sewer repair companies to unclog sinks

Pipe inspection: before a member of the sewer repair company carry out any activity, the first thing they get done is to conduct a pipe inspection. This will let the technician know how water is running and where a leak or repairs need to be carried out. From the pipe inspection, the source of the clogging will be made known.

Pipe cameras: unclogging the sink goes beyond what can be observed on the surface because it requires an internal view. Before carrying out unclogging, a camera will be used to see the pipe parts that couldn't be reached or seen on the surface level. With the detection through the video camera, a precise decision will be made on the tools appropriate to unclog the sink.

Plunger: This is one of the effective tools used to unclog. It is more used for toilet unclogging, but they are also used to get rid of light clogs in the sinks. If this tool doesn't clear off the clog, it indicates having a strong clog that requires a sophisticated tool.

Manual and motorized drain snake: drain snake is like a cable with an end resembling a corkscrew. The manual has a handle attached to the cable used in cranking the cable through the drain. Once the cable gets to the clog, it will be maneuvered to break through it. The motorized, which can be wired or cordless, is used more for bigger pipes or complicated clogs. With the motor of the drain snake, the technician will be able to push through and break through the clogs.

Other tools used for efficiency by sewer companies are drain auger, hydro jet, hair snake, and cable cleaning.


Most clogged sinks are not something that individuals themselves can easily clear off. When your sink water passage is not flowing as it should, a sewer repair company in OAKLAND with the right tools to handle the task should be consulted.