Here are tips to follow when renting a car while traveling. Indeed, renting a car abroad can have some pitfalls to avoid!

Anticipate your car rental

It might be obvious, but it's always good to remember that the further in advance you book, the less (more or less) you will pay on arrival, especially if it's the weekend, of course. The prices increase within 2, 3 days before the scheduled date, especially on popular small vehicles.

While traveling, try to rent a month in advance for a car rental. Also, use a comparator to get the best price.

 Check the age of the driver

The driver must be at least 21 years old for a car rental. While traveling for a car rental, find out about the country's rules on this subject.

 Analyze different vehicle models

Between a Fiat 500 and a BMW, it is certainly not the same budget. Think practical first.

And choose according to the budget of course but especially according to the number of people. With five people in a mini to cover 1000 kilometers, you risk being tight even if you have Italian genes!

A short trip a small city car at a low price will suffice! A car rental for a long journey at 4 or 5 Instead, go for something superior if you can afford it.

Ditto for the number of kilometers Calculate the number of kilometers you plan to do. Plan extensive, short trips on the spot can be a lot of kilometers in the end!

Because then, the slightest additional kilometer is expensive! Unless you have taken an unlimited kilometer pass!

Check vehicle condition

The slightest scratch must appear on the contract. Do not hesitate to indicate the slightest doubt about deterioration or other to the seller. Otherwise, you risk having to pay later. Check tire pressure, wheel condition, headlights, indicators, air conditioning, fuel, etc.

Take your time to inspect the car. When in doubt, take pictures; that are often what I do. This is probably the biggest pitfall to avoid when renting a car.

Ditto on the return; make the inventory with the rental company, even if you are in a hurry.

Note the mileage

Check that the number of kilometers is the same as on the contract.

Find out about the possibility of crossing borders

Check with your rental company if you think you might be crossing a border. The contract may not cover you.

Pay attention to your credit card limit

Your spending limit is limited, especially if you have an essential VISA or MasterCard. Also, remember to call your bank to raise your limit. In effect:

You will be charged the price of your rental, which may already be substantial.

The lessor will also charge a deposit

Do not forget your daily expenses on site.

In the end, it can do a lot. Especially when renting a car while traveling, you have to remember to warn your bank so that it does not block your card.

Bring the proper documents

As a reminder, the credit card must be in the driver's name.

You must have your driver's license or an international driving permit. It depends on the country to check before booking because you have to consider the deadline to make the request.

International license

Refuel before return

In general, it is the rule you must return the car with the tank filled. Check this on the contract when booking.

 Respect the return time

Nothing could be more stupid than falling on a stubborn employee if you have exceeded the appointed time by 2 hours.

Require a rental receipt

It would be better. This will indicate that you have returned the vehicle.

Take your time at the agency to properly control all its stages. Don't be in a hurry, and you will have peace of mind and avoid unpleasant surprises!

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