Parents have the absolute right to protect and serve their child's interests together. However, problems may arise when a family dispute like divorce and child custody proceedings between the parents. This is when you may need an expert child custody attorney.

Dolores Lopez is an experienced Child Custody Attorney Orange County who specializes in family disputes. Lopez, Spanish child custody attorney, advises clients on child custody matters, bearing in mind the child's well-being. She can help resolve any issues regarding the child's interests, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Dolores Lopez and her experienced team of attorneys can help you with the following:

● Divorce
Lopez Spanish child custody attorneys can protect your rights during a divorce proceeding and ensure that your best interests are reflected in the final judgment.

● Child Custody
We present the case by serving the best interests of the child. Our prerogative is to reserve joint custodianship so that both parents get equitable time with the child. If such an agreement is detrimental to the child's well-being, our attorneys can also win a sole custodianship for the deserving parent.

● Child Support
Though child support primarily depends on the income capabilities of each parent, the evidence at trial can cause the judge to defer from this standard rule. We can represent you with a winning strategy for child support that ensures their needs are fully taken care of.

● Spousal Support
We can help you with spousal support that covers your necessities and ensures that your children (if any) get the proper care they deserve growing up.

● Asset Division
Dolores Lopez and her attorney team will make sure that all the properties are properly valued after ascertaining all the assets and debts owed by the couple. Whether business valuation or retirement funds, we have a proven track record of delivering just and equitable rights to our clients in property division matters.

Dolores Lopez Spanish Child Custody Attorneys are Here for Your Legal Rights

From divorce to child custodianship, Dolores Lopez and her talented family attorneys are here to fight for your interests in Orange County, California. Contact us at (714) 733-7065 for representation in your family dispute and find the best solution for you, your child, and your family.