The concept of service project management is not new. Although it is only one of our services, this is a popular concept. The market has witnessed a shift from product-based businesses to more service-based ones over the past few years. Project Management is still an important part of the service landscape.

What's Project Management as a service?

Project Management as a Service (also known as PMaaS) is a flexible consulting service that lets clients hire as many project managers as they need to manage their projects. Clients of PMaaS have the ability to change the number and type of consultants they require.

PMaaS does not compare to traditional consulting. While the consultancy may provide the resources, the client retains responsibility for the PMO's performance and management.

PMaaS can come in many forms and sizes. They are all the same.

Use PMaaS to Lower Your Costs

Many IT functions, such as network management and email management, use managed services. These services are necessary but stable.

Organizations are now able to translate the requirements for projects such as Project Management and Change Management. If you don't have the expertise to do this, it can be too costly.

Additionally, it will be expensive to deliver this expertise in-house, particularly if it isn't part of your core competency as in the case with start-ups just beginning to scale up.

IT project management services Birmingham allows you to mobilize flexible program and change management services. All aspects of service delivery are managed by the partner, including recruitment, onboarding and training. This allows for increased organizational capabilities, lower costs, and improved project and program execution performance. Because the managed service provider is trusted with all aspects, the company doesn't have to hire additional staff. The ability and capacity you require can be obtained when you need it.

A managed service is where the provider takes care of project performance. Clients will often be able pay less for managed service than they would otherwise. Pricing models are dependent on the services provided and the complexity of the service.

PMaaS represents a paradigm shift. It is important to assess your company's ability to shift from project management that focuses on operations and processes to one that is customer-focused. This will be true for most businesses today.

Why clients choose PMaaS

Clients are looking for providers that can take the stress out of providing support services. This is similar to the shift towards managed IT services. Clients can focus on their strengths and get the support services they need. Clients may find managed services appealing for many reasons. It might not be a good idea in all cases, but it may be worth looking into in those situations where at least some of these conditions are present.

  • Companies are faced with challenging and crucial change initiatives, which require confidence in the delivery of their PMO.
  • It is difficult to provide PMO services that are effective in-house.
  • When you only have one service provider, stability is what you want.
  • The company seeks to improve PMO cost transparency, manageability and management.
  • Contractors' constant churning is causing both loss of knowledge and loss of time.
  • Global programs or organizations require better coordination through a global PMO.
  • Strong service management is an asset to company operations.
  • This goal is to improve internal maturity in PPM through having the service incorporate standard processes into operations, so that they can later be taken over by the company.