so this all seems pretty fun but what can you actually do if you're a student you have you probably have a lot of flexibility and independence and you can actually kind of college essay writing services in UK experts organize your work around these principles but in most typical work environments multitasking is basically the norm today and even if you want to be quite focused in your work.

Probably someone is going to knock at your door send you an email or give you a phone call so let's think about the value of all the illustration essay writing services in UK experts tasks you have to do there are some tasks that hold greater value they get you closer to your goals and every time you accomplish one you know you're making progress and then you have a lot of support tasks tasks that are important because they help you accomplish your high value tasks more efficiently but they don't require the same level of brain power and creativity if you are using cal newport's terminology we would probably.

Say that the high value tasks are all the tasks you do under deep work mode and all the support tasks can be done under shallow work mode and this distinction is important so to avoid the problems and the disadvantages of multitasking we just need to do the opposite we need to engage in solid single tasking or mono tasking and that basically means we need to prepare our digital and our physical environment to focus on one task at a time but once again it's really not realistic to think that we can manage all external factors and all distractions that arrive at our desk every single day so there's kind of a tip we can use to ensure that we're devoting the time we need to the tasks that matter the most and we're leaving the tasks that matter the last for kind of multitasking purposes so let's look at your schedule if there's a high value task that requires you to engage in a really focused mindset you should make the time for it but not any block of time works you really need to think about when it is less likely for you to face distractions there can be a part of your day when you're more isolated either because people are still not at work because people are asleep or because people are all in their lunch breaks shifting some time around to ensure you have some time every single day to minimize the chances of being interrupted is going to be the solution to your problem when you find these blocks of time commit to doing high value tasks only the ones that get you closer to your goals admin tasks planning and organization or highly repetitive tasks can be done during a time where you predict you'll be interrupted after all there's not much to lose and it's easy for you to restart even if you lose your chain of thought also respect breaks breaks out the efficiency and quality of all the work you produce allow yourself to rest properly between breaks because that's the only thing that will truly help you so it's important to be flexible with your time and find a part of your day that allows you to do the most valuable work if you feel like you don't have enough time to learn because you're swamped with work then you need to find kind of a system or a service that helps you learn at your own pace so if you're interested in science and technology i highly recommend taking a class on probability fundamentals the kind of skill you'll apply on a daily basis even if your job like mine has nothing to do with actual science and a great place to take this course is unbrilliant brilliant is an interactive learning platform that teaches about math science computer science and many other subjects the whole concept behind brilliant is to allow it to be very hands-on so you can learn a lot of new things without ever having to memorize things or read entire textbooks and if you're like oh i'm really not that much into science wait because brilliant has more to it than it looks like for instance you can learn more about making decisions problem solving resource trade-offs how to organize information and you need literally no previous knowledge for that and that's the beauty of brilliant they introduce you to science concepts by showing you how it works in the world around you so you never have to say again oh i'm terrible at math or well i just can't understand how physics work that kind of thinking should never be a handicap for you because you just need the right resources and the right way of learning to start getting it