Though upon first glance, it may seem that large organization who utilize social media and thus have plenty of people following them on feeds, subscribing to updates and even checking in on updates at regular intervals has made a successful venture in to the social realm. Though this may true to an extent, social media is only considered valuable when the use of such mediums translate in to increasing sales, customer loyalty and brand awareness. Because those metrics need to be realized in order for social media to be truly considered a success, one must gather and assess true consumer insight.

The way in which consumers, customers and patrons for large establishments behave is one of the primary ways in which customer behavior can then be used as a way of helping to fuel and funnel even more customer engagements and business. For example, if you use social media to advertise a particular item or brand during a promotional period and you see visits and usage trending upwards; you would need to compare that data against usage during other periods of time when other issues or items are being posted or discussed. This is all useful information in better figuring out how and what your customers are interested in and intrigued by in terms of your business.

Marketing Insights

Social media opens the door to the possibility of bringing in new business, however, the way in which you capture that business is only beneficial when it actually translates in to increased revenue. It is not enough to simply and only have a social media presence for the sake of having one; as you must learn how to use those social interactions to strengthen and grow your business. In fact, the larger the company, the more interactions via social media they will have and thus vast amounts of data points exist which need to be reviewed and placed to good use.

Consumer insight, when gathered from, compared against other consumer data and analyzed for trends can help to make even the largest of businesses or brands even stronger in the eyes of their consumers. This is a critical and useful way in which the social world can help businesses gain more customers and even increase the loyalty among current consumers. You can use various methods, means and models to decipher the data brought about through this tool, however, you need to make sure that all aspects are taken in to consideration as it remains a relatively new form of communication and marketing which means that early adopters need to constantly monitor and adapt to the changing usage of it so that consumers are always being managed and monitored in a beneficial manner.