If a previous version of a star card is rated 91/95/98, his Icon Moments card can even reach 99, especially looking forward to newcomers like Rooney or Casillas. When you have plenty of FUT 22 Coins, you will have more chances to get the superstar you want.

FIFA 22 Moments Icons release date

In FIFA, it has become commonplace for icons to be released in Ultimate Team in a staggered fashion. At first, only Base and Mid were available, with Prime variants sometimes appearing, and now the first Moments icon can also be found in FIFA 22. Check out Icon Swaps 2 rewards.

On Friday, March 4, three new Moments versions of Ronaldo, Zidane Zidane and Ferenc Puskas officially arrive. A day later, the first batch of Icon Moments has entered Ultimate Team.
On March 12th, the remaining Prime Icon Moments came to FUT - a day after the second team of the FUT Birthday Event!

Some of these iconic moments really blew us away. Pele with 99 points, Zidane with 97 points, Eusebio with 94 points, etc. If you can afford FUT 22 Coins For Sale, these cards will dominate FIFA 22 Meta.

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