The pub meals usually vary from person to person and their preferences. Many people might love fish and chips, and others might not, but those who do know how amazing fish and chips go with the vibe of a pub. It is a favorite at the Gold coast bar. It tends to be great pub food, and it is safe to say that many people agree.

Fish and chips origin

Many people think that fish and chips originated in England. However, this is a common misconception. The real origination of fish and chips was from the 15th century in Portugal. Hence, it became one of the most famous dishes, but many people don't know it was invented out of necessity instead of as a creative culinary experience.

However, it is still safe to say that fish and chips are extremely popular in London. It is very similar to the comfort food of the UK, i.e. pie and mash and Sunday roasts. However, these comfort foods aren't pub foods, whereas fish and chip is a dish served at pubs and Gold coast bar.

Ways of eating

The typical way of eating fish and chips is dressing it in salt and vinegar and a condiment of your choice. The condiments might include a tartar sauce or even ketchup. Many people, mostly the British, prefer lemon juice instead of vinegar, which tastes perfectly good. One can say that the dish is more recognized as a British staple because it has become one of the comfort foods along with a perfect pairing at a pub. It can not only be eaten in pubs but also in plastic trays or roadside stalls.

It is important to understand that a gold coast bar or any other good bar having good food makes it extremely attractive. Here are a few other pub foods which are found in gold coast bar and other pubs:

Beef pies

These are meaty and savoury, as well as small, to go perfectly with drinks.

Banger and egg sandwiches

This is pub food with high cheese content and is extremely satisfying.

Bubble and squeak

This is another amazing and comforting dish that is simple and perfect with drinks.

Shepherd’s pie

You can't go wrong with pie, especially when it is shepherd's pie. You might not always find this in a gold coast bar, but many bars do serve it, and it goes perfectly with the environment and vibe of the pub.

The backbone bar is one of the pubs that aren't only specifically made for adults but has a family-friendly environment. It is a gold coast bar where people come to relax, have a beer and even order a good amount of food to go with it. There is a great range of crafts beers and Asian fusion dishes.


Conclusively, even though fish and chips are a great pub dish, many others are. It usually depends on the preferences of those in the bars, but a gold coast bar has a lot of other dishes to satisfy the customer's cravings. However, fish and chips have a different satisfying vibe which people love to enjoy and find comfort in.