The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune stated that there is no mere difference between a drug treatment and an alcohol treatment as both use the similar approach towards finding out the best possible positive outcome for their patients, where a ton of addictions have a complicated pharmacological component within them which goes and runs inside our mind. It is a fact that there is no particular medicine for cocaine addiction or alcoholism but via various techniques there is a wide range of addictions which can thus be treated. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Pune and the Rehabs in Pune states that many people do not believe in the traditional rehabilitation methods to be effective in nature but they indeed prefer the self-help methods which are known to be effective in nature.


There are many recorded data which clearly stated that for alcoholism there are up to quarter number of individuals who have the strata to respond on their own where also many-a-times the recovery centre have a decent costing sheet. They do publish and release their improvements and by law they do so just similar to the treatment of cancer. Many of the rehab centres in India follow the 12-step self-help programs as well, where the tendency of using medication is sincerely barred. Hence, people deal with the myth that when one reaches their bottom in life, they should seek treatment, however the observation of an individual and what they are going through speaks a lot before time. At times one can tell by the profile of the patient where you can also combine with the essentials and thus would require psychological and medical health before hitting the rock bottom.


There also have been tons of treatment matching programs which are sincerely aimed towards the determination of whether psychotherapy would be better for the human mind or not as the psychotherapies are also similar in nature where the dose effect is small but highly powerful. In another study it was stated that the individual intervention in the behavioural structure mainly imbibes cognitive and family therapy where brief intervention requirements are also mentioned. The appropriate term for rehabilitation can be the evidence-based treatment which is highly required in the society where the medicinal approach is not there but psychological treatment alone can treat the individual. Therefore, the key addiction treatment one suffers from is to have an effective treatment power where one does not depend on higher or lower power, but the willpower of the individual should be at the peak where the level of compliance is also checked out and is at times efficient.


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