A cover-athlete is typically supposed to be a representation from the previous season. If this is the case that is the case, then the reigning champion QB from Super Bowl LVI has to be included on Mut 23 coins this list. Matthew Stafford left the Detroit Lions to come and help bring the Super Bowl to Los Angeles and did exactly that. It was even more impressive that it took him only one year.

The quarterback position is probably the most important role in football especially in the present-day era. Matthew Stafford proved that there was a quarterback issue at Los Angeles and his debut with the team resolved it and many other key pieces that the Rams also added. I could see Stafford being a top option for the Madden 23 cover. If EA chooses a player that represented the previous NFL season in all, Matthew Stafford's name must be present.

A Rams player hasn't graced the cover of an Madden video game in the past since 2003, when Marshall Faulk was on the cover. At that time, you consider that the Rams were still in St. Louis. Given the way that the Rams increased their numbers during the 2021 season , and also winning Super Bowl LVI, this could be the perfect time to put Matthew Stafford on buy mut coins madden 23 the cover of Madden 23 while the Los Angeles Rams are a winning team.