Are you the mother of a child looking for Alice in Wonderland costumes? First, we love that your child loves the story of Alice in Wonderland, and we love that she is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Hopefully it is a book that the two of you have read together, time and time again. For kids who love the book, it is quite obvious why they would choose to dress up as one of the Alice in Wonderland costumes. And if they have an invite to a fancy dress party, you need to be prepared. Because your child is going to want to be Alice, The Spring Hare, the Mad Hatter, or the Queen of Hearts.

Alice in Wonderland dress up ideas

Use the internet to help you with your search and look at costumes online to get ideas of Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costumes. You might choose to buy a fancy dress costume online, the easiest option, or you may prefer to make your own costumes. Making your own costume is always pretty admirable. It takes skill to make a fairly complicated dress up costume, and it also takes time and money. You need to buy the fabrics, which generally are varied, find the right colours, sew some pretty outrageous patterns, and think of the accessories too. You will always get good ideas off the internet and you may find patterns online too. Unless you are so creative that you don't need a pattern at all.

Not many parents have the time to make dress up costume today, which is why there are quite a few online fancy dress costume stores. If you choose the right store, you can order a fancy dress costume today and have a costume tomorrow. If you are looking at Alice in Wonderland costumes, make or buy one. It’s your choice.