Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory, and related circuitry.Studies have been quite clear about the effects of alcohol and Rehabilitation Center in Delhi other drugs on brain function. Special attention is focused on how dysfunctions of the brain, as it relates to motivation, memory, and brain reward centers, appear abnormal. This helps to explain addiction behaviors.


There have been periods when the stigma of addiction has been quite profound. This new definition of addiction helps in making the connection Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi between brain research and the common experience people go through with addiction. There is no need to stigmatize an individual who is addicted any more than a person who has a Rehabilitation Center in gurgaon chronic disease such as diabetes.

What it means

This new definition will take time to filter through the professional community. Immediate treatment will not be impacted. Research should be one area influenced by this definition. There has always been hoping for possible biochemical interventions. With this new understanding of addiction, categorized as a brain disorder there may be new or expanded efforts in the future to find new ways to treat or prevent addition.

Over the years there have been suggestions of someday finding the magic pill to cure addiction. This pill doesn't exist. It may be decades off. It is much more promising today.

The characteristics of Addiction are:

  • Inability to abstain
  • Impaired behavioral control
  • Increased cravings for rewarding experiences
  • recognition of significant problems with behavior is diminished
  • Dysfunctional emotional response

The recommendation in representing the new definition of addiction suggests that recovery is achieved best achieved through:

  1. Mutual Support
  2. Self Management
  3. Professional Care

The future is very encouraging because of this new understanding of addiction. Believe that it is a remarkable step in removing the stigma brought on by labeling it a moral issue and accepting addiction as a physical issue that changes everythingin time. This new definition is likely to open up many doors for those who are addicted and those who treat them. So if you think that someone you know is going through any kind of addiction, make sure you help them get into treatment.