host writer or ghostwriter. Someone who has a knack for writing well and decides to put their knowledge at the service of other people and stories.

How to hire a ghostwriter

Before I talk about how to hire, I'll focus on why to be and how to find the perfect ghostwriter for you; the different types that there are, and the keys that will make you hit on your decision.


I am an editor, I help writers to improve their works, and I have to admit that other times I write books that are not later published with my signature.


At first, I did it because it was a way to test my abilities, to lose the fear of the void that publishing something means and for everyone to know that you were responsible for that work. That gives me a lot of vertigo. When you write on behalf of other people, that fear disappears.


The fact is that when I saw that it was read divinely and people were amazed by the story, I began to think that, perhaps, I should throw myself into writing my own works and signing them. And I also took a liking to doing it for others.

Reasons to be a ghostwriter

These are mine and in this order. I'm sure there are other very different ones:

I love projecting stories, innovating, creating characters, or configuring scenes from parameters that are not mine. Adapting to different imposed tones is a wonderful challenge and an ideal exercise for being an editor.

I don't even tell you what I like to get into the mind of another person, being able to design those important moments (for him or her) and that on top of that they feel like theirs when they read them. It is indescribable. And if on top of that the work enchants the readers, the feat is complete.

Also, I don't work for everyone who asks me, only for those people whom I feel really need it. Putting my know-how at your service makes me feel very good.

And, of course, because they pay me.

These reasons are enough for me as an incentive to continue doing this work.


The people who hire me, in general, what they are looking for is to see their story reflected in a book in the best possible way and find their potential readers.


And what interests me is telling stories so that the reader enjoys them a lot, nothing more. That my name is not there is not important. 

Different types of ghostwriters

The fact is that even if it is a figure that is in the shadows, it is not difficult to find ghostwriters. Actually, I think that almost all people who are dedicated to editing, have done it at some point in their life, it's like a natural step.

In my case, sometimes I have written novels to tell the lives of other people who wanted to have a book with their exploits or a story they had in their heads. essay writing service best

Other times, someone has complications finishing his work, for many reasons, and needs another person who knows how to adapt to his tone and style to finish the story, under his instructions and keys.


Also, I have created texts for other professionals, web pages, advertising campaigns, and even catalogs for artists who needed to communicate their work well.


And I have written essays on family sagas or centuries-old companies. The last one has been a work of years, very exhaustive, that will soon see the light and that I will sign with my name.


What I mean by these examples is that the same rules are not always established in all the works that you are commissioned to write.


Also, I never appear as something I haven't done, that is, if I haven't been the editor, I don't appear as an editor, for obvious reasons.


And the job is sealed when you send your first text and the client sees that you've hit the nail on the head. From that moment everything goes smoothly.



—Scratch! I am a person! Did you not expect it?

How to choose a ghostwriter

So if you're thinking of looking for a professional to write that story you're dying to tell, get on it. The only thing you should worry about is choosing well. Because in these cases it is crucial to know how to choose the right person.


Writing for others also means putting your soul into that text and doing your best so that person reaches their goals and feels proud of that work.


In this type of work, it is difficult to find the ideal person because it is not always easy to certify previous work, so it is necessary to have certain guarantees before deciding.


On the other hand, one can think that one of the rules of literature is broken: you can't write well if you don't come out of your guts.


In this case, that professional must have the gift (learned or standard) of feeling what you feel. In addition, he has a method to achieve it and it works for him. I know from experience.


So we go with the fundamental notions so that you can choose with knowledge of the facts.



This is critical. Everything must be clear, from the first moment. It is a very delicate decision.



The professional must accredit a specific training, although he cannot tell you what books he has written, he must have his own work and/or a reputable experience in writing that, in some way, certifies his know-how.


It is not only important that you write well, but that you know how to adapt to what you want. It is essential that the style and tone match what you are looking for.


And, in any case, you can send samples without obligation.


own method

Someone with experience in writing will have their own method of work and it will be very easy to follow the process that marks you.


Each type of story or book requires differentiated processes that adapt to what you want to achieve.


On the other hand, you must make a previous structure in which you can see how you are going to organize the story (or the information) in the best possible way. It is also important that you know how to justify why you are going to do it that way.


In these cases, the compass does not work and it is essential to make a good plan with all the details where it can be verified that what is programmed fits with what you want to tell.


Likewise, it is basic to send continuous and periodic samples (I do it with each chapter or part of the work, depending on what they ask me or what we see as the most convenient). From start to finish.



In addition to a structure, you must receive the times that will limit the process.


When you write a book this is very relative, but a professional is very clear about how long it will take to do it and they are not usually wrong.


So there is no problem in making an exhaustive forecast of the process.



This is another key factor. Hiring the services of a writer, if it's good, won't be low cost, I'm not saying it's prohibitive, but of course, writing a book and doing it well is something very delicate and requires a lot of effort and dedication.


In this case (and in almost everything related to writing), you should not be governed by the lowest budget, but by the one that offers you the most guarantees and is fairest to all parties. Even if you have to wait another year to do it.


If you get carried away by the price, the same you never dare to teach that.


And it is that no one in their right mind will be able to offer such a feat at a price below its cost.


Set your own requirements

These are the conditions that, from my point of view, a good professional who dedicates himself to writing for others must meet. Surely you have other points to add to the list and I will be happy to write them down here if you tell me about them.


In summary, if you seek the help of a writer of these characteristics, you must have all the guarantees that the project will come to fruition.


And do not lose sight of the fact that it is a delicate process that involves an investment adjusted to the result you are looking for.