Fashion standards, like working conventions from previous generations, are evolving to modern times. Business casuals have advanced over the decades, from basic styles to stylish street styling concepts. There are some basic standards to keep in mind while styling a Formal Look or a Business Casual Look for Men.


Men's Formal Wear vs. Business Casual: What's the Difference?

  • Simple and clean crisp styles for workwear are the basic criteria of styling for formal attire. For your formal look, avoid large motifs or patterns, as well as vibrant colors.
  • Business casuals are more laid-back and combine a mix of casual and formal attire. For example, wearing chinos with a shirt. 


Shirts for Office

Men's formal wear shirts are typically loose-fitted, but if you're wearing a waistcoat or jacket over it, a slimmer fit can be appropriate. For a more sophisticated look, go for neutral and blue colors. It's easy to match and style them. Business Shirts that are closer to formal but can have any fit are required for casual looks. Colors that are tinted or darker, such as green, red, pink, or lavender, could be appealing. Choose printed shirts with patterns that don't influence the look and are in neutral colors. Zest Mélange has a unique range of shirts if you are hunting men's clothing online.


Business Casual Outfits

Any luxury designer menswear is sketchy without a smart tight-fit shirt worn with a blazer, which is the foundation of your business casual ensemble. Our slim-fit shirt with a blazer that hangs a little over the hips is a great pick. Buy premium men clothing from Zest Mélange as it offers a variety of styles and fabrics to pick from.


Workwear Chinos

Formal Trousers in a relaxed and narrow fit, are more suitable for wearing with suits. The colors are earthy tones with dark blue or black accents. Business Chinos in a narrower cut can be substituted for casual pants for added comfort. If you are looking for formal clothes for men, do not forget that these can also incorporate check and stripe weave patterns, but not in higher contrast or highlight tones.


Overlayer Your Outfit

Our formal attire includes wearing a four-piece suit and a jacket with our classic shirt. Simple weave patterned shirts with colors like blues, black, dark brown, or darker hues will have you good to go. Buying premium men's clothing for casual business attire with checkered or striped shirts is appropriate, but the colors should be muted and not saturated. In the summer, a linen waistcoat with our shirts is also a wonderful option for business casual ensembles.


Accessories for Office Dressing

Men's formal look accessories are simple: our diamond-studded gold ring and a leather belt that matches the color of your shoes. Studs and bracelets with a metal base and colorful alternatives are acceptable if you're going to a dinner or an event. Our rings are one of the best options for any formal event as the texture is clean and smooth. Match your belt and bracelet if your shoes are more casual, and your belt and shoes if your bracelet is more casual. 


The above tips regarding business casual and formal styles will not only have you stand out from the crowd but will also have you ready for any occasion or event without any fret.