1. Introduction:


An efficient school facility that is responsive to the altering schedules of educational delivery at a minimum should give physical surroundings that are comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, well illuminated, well breezy, and aesthetically pleasing. The Pankaj Global Public School Facility consists of not only the physical structure but also a variety of erecting systems, similar as mechanical, plumbing, electrical and power, telecommunications, security, and fire suppression systems.


  1. Importance of School Facilities in Education:


When choosing a school for their kids, parents should view the facilities given by each school to select the best school for their kid's progress. 


Facilities extended by a school affect the health, actions, engagement, education, and growth of the students. The physical and emotional fitness of scholars and schoolteachers also depends on the facilities they are learning in school. So, every school is qualified with proper facilities for the scholars and schoolteachers, similar to a surrounding facilitative to education.


3. Important Facilities That Pankaj Global Public School Provides to Their Students: 


3.1 Residential.

3.2 Medical.

3.3 Sports. 

3.4 State of the art science laboratory.

3.5 A well-stocked library.

3.6 Language lab

3.7 School buses.

3.8 Career counseling service.

3.9 Smart classes- Digitally equipped classrooms.

3.10 Remedial classes

3.11 IIT Coaching in Collaboration with Guru Foundation Hyderabad


3.1 Residential:


Numerous non-natives come to study in search of better schools. So it is necessary to have day boarding and boarding sect facilities to provide the accommodation facilities. 


The Pankaj Global Public School provides residential establishments for boys and girls on the school campus. All the lodges are ready-designated and have all the establishments that help students live and grow in a surrounding that they can identify as their home. 


3.2 Medical:


A school must have a medical facility, and there must be doctors on call so that the students get proper aid if they student is ill or get hurt inside the school premises.


The Medical Room is well equipped to provide First Aid to injured and ill persons. A general Check-Up of every student is done once a year by expert medical practitioners. When a student is a very sick or several-fancy box injured, the medical care is quick in administering First Aid and calming the patient.


3.3 Sports:


At Pankaj Global Public School we allow excellence in everything involving sports. We have various sports conditioning so that scholars from all age groups can enjoy, de-stress and keep fit. We have a variety of sports conditioning such as chess, kabaddi, basketball, running, gola fee, etc. 


3.4 State of the Art Science Laboratory:


Our Science Department is fully equipped with perfect establishments and is home to our Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories. Seminaries must have laboratories for experimentation and education computers in a better way. So it is a must to have science and computer laboratories.


3.5 A Well-Stocked Library:


The school has a well-stocked library coursing various subjects. Scholars are inspired to make full use of the facilities to inculcate an attachment to books and a habit of reading from a primitive age. The Pankaj Global Public School provides a well-furnished library managed by capable and good librarians. To endure the reading habit of every student, right from primary school, is exposed to the infinite world of books. 


3.6 Language Lab:


A language laboratory is a helpful tool for rehearsing and assessing one's speech in any language. It provides a facility that allows the children to hear the model pronunciation, replay and record the same, their performance, and compare it with the model and tone assessment. 


3.7 School Buses:


Pankaj global public school provides 30 school buses for our students.





3.8 Career Counseling Service:


Career Counselling is a procedure that will help you experience and understand yourself and the world of work to make career, educational, and life resolutions. Career development is further than just deciding on a major and which job you want to get after graduating. 


3.9 Smart Classes: 


Smart class is an astronomically interactive computer, a predicated benefit that makes assignments come alive. The vast storage while tutoring the chosen content in the classroom enables scholars to acquire a brisk and a better understanding of the generalities tutored. 


With the help of the internet, schoolteachers connect to information resources far beyond the physical confines of the classroom and bring the virtual world within the walls of the smart classroom, therefore exponentially expanding the knowledge base for practical use in tutoring and education.



3.10 Remedial Classes:


Remedial classes act as a security valve for scholars who are unaware of the content of any subject. These classes stimulate an appreciative environment for scholars with low tone- regarding where they are motivated to approach their problems. 


3.11 IIT Coaching in Collaboration with Guru Foundation Hyderabad:


The foundation course helps aspirants become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying at IIT. Concepts and topics are taught well. We have tied up with the IIT foundation coaching center to provide quality education and strengthen students from grades VI to IX in the respective subjects.