Once the canopy was a heavy canopy of brocade and velvet, less often of several layers of silk. It was decorated with all sorts of embroidery, feathers, galloons and hung exclusively in the throne rooms, front rooms or above the altars.

Later, the canopy became an important part of the bed. He protected people at night from insects and gusts of wind, in the morning - from the sun's rays and other people's views. Then there was a belief that during sleep a person is defenseless against the evil eye and damage. Hence the desire to hide behind layers of fabric.

For several centuries, the canopy as a necessary interior detail was forgotten, but in recent years this thing has again begun to be in demand. It is understandable, because a modern person wants the filling of the house to reflect his individuality, to be unique and comfortable at the same time. Most often on the shelves we see models of canopies for newborn beds, less often there are specimens in the bedroom for adults. New - models for street swings.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of all these types. We will also tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing a fabric if you decide to add an interesting detail to your home environment in the form of an Aesthetic bed canopy.

What it is?

In our usual sense, a canopy is a light canopy, curtains over a sleeping place, most often made of chiffon or tulle. Now this is not so much a necessity as an interesting design decision. By purchasing a canopy, you guarantee yourself a comfortable sleep. The canopy reliably protects against annoying insects, with it you can sleep with the windows open, without fear of drafts.

A tulle or light chiffon canopy diffuses the light perfectly, which means that your awakening and falling asleep will be doubly pleasant.  A canopy made of massive dense fabrics, which is increasingly used by designers, will help arrange evening twilight even in the heat of the day.

By the way, a canopy is a great solution for small apartments or studios when you want to separate the sleeping area from the living room.


Let's talk in more detail about each type of canopy, consider their pros and cons.

For newborns

Many young parents refuse to buy a canopy, arguing that there is no need for it, and it is just a dust collector. This is partly true: it is quite possible to do without a curtain over the crib. Most often, the canopy comes complete with bumpers in the crib.

Consider what the treasured curtain gives us.

  • Insect protection. In summer, even with nets on the windows, mosquitoes and midges penetrate the houses, the bites of which can disturb the baby for a long time.
  • Peaceful sleep. After six months, the newborn begins to pay attention to the light in the room. He may be prevented from falling asleep even by the most ordinary lamp or the screen turned on at the computer. Close from the light and called the canopy.
  • Pleasant interior. As experts say, the taste of the child is formed from the first months of life. The more comfortable the children's room, or at least the baby's bed, the better.

If you decide that you need a canopy, approach its choice with all responsibility. It is better if the canopy over the crib is made of light natural material. Then your baby will definitely not show an allergy, and the curtain will not create the effect of a greenhouse inside the bed.

The ideal option is to sew the curtain yourself. But moms rarely have time for that. Therefore, when going to buy bedding for a crib, choose products only from trusted manufacturers.

For children over 3 years old

If earlier a child after three years old was bought the most ordinary single bed, now children require an unusual bed. So, the canopy will become an integral part of the now popular house bed, for example.

For teenagers

Teenagers, especially girls, imagine a fabulous carefree life. They want romance and tenderness. In this case, the curtain over the bed made of light flowing fabrics will also help out. In such a room, girls feel like princesses. And in the room of young men, the canopy will help to properly zone the space.

For adults

If you hang a canopy in the bedroom above the bed, then the room should have an appropriate interior. Even a tulle curtain significantly transforms the appearance of a room in which you involuntarily want to lie down to rest.

Some people refuse the bed curtain, believing that it is difficult to care for it. But this is a myth. Caring for a canopy is the same as for ordinary curtains, which need to be washed every few months. True, during the weekly cleaning, you will additionally have to shake off the dust from the canopy. But it only takes a few minutes.

For outdoor swings

Recently, a swing framed on the sides with fabrics has appeared on sale, with which, if necessary, you can curtain the entire perimeter. Such curtains can also be made independently from fabrics that are easy to wash and dry quickly: the same tulle, calico, thin cotton. Such an accessory, without a doubt, will give comfort to ordinary garden utensils.

We take into account the shape and type of bed

If any canopy is suitable for a rectangular bed, then with a bed of a different shape, not everything is so simple.

Under a round adult bed, you will have to make a ceiling frame of the same shape, on which the fabric is attached. But an air cantilever design will also work. We will talk about it a little lower.

With a bed for newborns easier. Most often, a canopy on a tripod, which ends in a semicircle on top, is quite enough for her. The tripod is attached to the side, a fabric assembly is put on the semicircle, from which the rest of the curtain falls freely down. This design is suitable for round, and for oval, and for a rectangular crib.

The most difficult thing is to choose a canopy for a bunk bed. If the canopy will perform only a decorative function, then you can attach it to the wall at the head. If it is needed to close the child at night, then you can consider either a ceiling mount or a classic one, if the manufacturers have already provided a canopy in the crib. The canopy here can cover either two floors at once, or only the upper one. And also sometimes there is an option when the canopy is attached to the lower part of the second floor and separates only the lower sleeper.

Note: If you have a metal bed, then a plastic or wooden rack will most likely be forgiving. The same metal frame with ornate elements will fit perfectly.

Choosing a fabric

The requirements for canopy fabrics are always the same.

  • It is better if they are natural, breathable.
  • The color scheme should match the interior of the room. It is better if the textile is light. Then he probably won't burn out in the sun.

So what kind of fabric is best suited, let's figure it out. If you want to give the bedroom weightlessness, airiness, give preference to tulle, veil or organza. Cotton or satin will fit perfectly into a classic interior. Batiste, natural silk or even velvet will emphasize the rich decoration of the room if you like chic.

Color solutions

Most often, the color of the canopy is neutral: beige, pale pink or white. However, designers suggest repeating patterns that are in your room, for example, on pillows, in the canopy fabric. Do not forget that colors "control" our mood. Cold shades will muffle the feelings of overly emotional people. And, on the contrary, scarlet, purple and pink will awaken them.

For a nursery, green, mint, blue, turquoise or lilac are ideal colors. You can also use yellow, beige and peach shades. But it is better not to take pink, red and orange fabrics, as these colors excite the nervous system, so children do not fall asleep well.


The canopy over the bed is traditionally decorated with drapery. From the fabric you can make beautiful flounces, puffs or something like garlands. True, it is appropriate only if the canopy performs the sole function of decoration.

Fringe and tassels can be added to the curtain if the style of the bedroom is made in an oriental theme. The canopy in the children's room is often decorated with ribbons, bows, soft flowers. Embroidered bears, bunnies or other animals sometimes flaunt on the upper fastening part.

Standard sizes

The exact standard dimensions of the curtain can only be discussed in the case of a crib. The length of the hinged part of the canopy is 2 meters, the width is about 3 meters. The canopy in adults is usually located higher. Therefore, here the length reaches already three meters, taking into account the decoration.

Mounting methods

You can fix the canopy over the bed in five ways:

  • install four vertical racks at the corners of the bed and combine them with an upper frame;
  • make a structure on consoles that will hang on the ceiling with hooks;
  • make a cornice, which will also be attached to the ceiling;
  • hang one or more rods on hooks;
  • fasten a cornice in the form of a semicircle over the headboard.

We want to note that if there is a lot of space in the room, then any of the listed types of fastening will do. And if the room where the canopy will be located is small, then it is better to hang it on one horizontal bar. Let's take a closer look at each option.

On floor stands

This is a classic mount, which is often shown to us in historical films. The rack in this case is a logical continuation of the legs of the bed. Such a frame can be made by hand or to order. And also in the shops there are options for the bed with an already built-in frame for the canopy.

Many choose the classic method of fastening for several options for its design. Someone prefers to decorate the bed only with fabric on the upper frame, perpendicular to the bed. Someone is satisfied only with the presence of side curtains with an open top. And someone likes to cover the top with fabric and decorate the bed with side curtains as well.

Now custom-made forged racks are especially popular. They look spectacular even without decoration with a cloth. Cantilevered canopy. These air models rank first in demand. If the option with racks is not affordable for everyone, then the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bwith a suspended mount is available to everyone. The console is hung on ropes or chains, which, in turn, are attached to the ceiling with special hooks.

As a rule, frames are in the form of a hoop. Plastic or wooden hoops are sold in hardware stores. But when buying them, you need to remember that such a frame, most likely, will not withstand heavy fabrics. The result is a weightless model that will add zest to a teenage interior or decorate a girl's bedroom.

Note: if you want a solid construction, then you can hang a massive console in the shape of a bed on the hooks.

On the ceiling ledge

Ideal when you want to zone a room. This model is distinguished by dense massive curtains. With their help, a sleeping place is tightly separated. Some parents resort to such designs to distinguish between the boyish and girlish areas in the children's room.

With the help of a ceiling cornice, you can fence off a sleeping place, which is most often a sofa, in a one-room apartment. In this case, the curtain will close the bed only at night. To bring to life non-standard solutions is most often also obtained with the help of a cornice. For example, it is possible to install a round frame with a canopy made of weightless muslin only with its help.

On the bars

Nice simple mount. This design is also easy to maintain. The bar can be secured with hooks on both sides. Or one end can be screwed to the wall and the other end fixed to the ceiling hook.

The fabric is simply thrown over the fastening, for this reason it can often be changed or removed for washing. If the bed is in the attic, then with the help of such an attachment you will close all the ceiling beams that you don’t want to see at all when waking up every day.

On a semicircular wall cornice

A canopy attached in this way will not protect from sunlight, wind or insects, but it will add charm and chic to the interior of the room. A semicircle under a canopy can be made independently from thick wire. Or buy in a store where customers will be offered a lot of options. The fabric of the canopy will fall beautifully on the sides of the bed. This decoration looks great even in small rooms.

How to assemble and install?

We do not recommend assembling a stationary stand for a canopy in an adult's bedroom or in a nursery. After all, first of all, it is important that the mount is reliable and does not fall. But to install a mobile frame over a crib will not be difficult. The holder, consisting of a tube and a loop, is attached directly to the side of the crib with brackets, that is, you will not have to spoil either the walls or the ceiling, and the assembly itself will take a minimum of time. You can easily adjust the height of the mount. We only recommend not to rest the tube on the floor so that it does not scratch it when rocking.

The fabric itself is put on the canopy quite simply. To do this, you need to thread the antennae of the loop into the drawstrings of the fabric. If you do everything right, the main fabric of the canopy will immediately close the crib with beautiful folds.

Examples in the interior

  • The canopy immediately transforms any room. Placed in the living room above the sofa, it will give the relaxation area even more comfort.
  • In small rooms or studios, using a dense canopy, you can separate the bed from the work area.
  • In the bedroom of adults, the canopy can become both a decorative element that adds chic, and will perform its direct function. protecting sleepers from wind and insects.
  • In the nursery, this interior detail will become a protective fabric for the newborn. And for older children - an element of a luxurious "castle" or a stylish hut. But also a thick curtain will help separate the cribs of children of different sexes from each other.
  • If you have a country house with a large plot or a house by the sea, then take a closer look at the option of an outdoor four-poster bed. It will decorate the summer garden or terrace. Believe me, meeting the dawn in such a place is incredibly romantic.