Put your sword in the air, and unleash Lost Ark Gold lightning as if you were He-Man with Wrath of God. Wide Thunderstroke and Faith for the first two tripods give it a bigger radius and another piety boost, then Express Fury for the third tripod gives an increase in attack power for party members. Sound familiar? It's the exact same buff that you get with Heavenly Blessings along with The Valor tripod. The only issue is that the two don't stack, so instead you'll want to rotate between the two main buffs. This is also a solid buff to be used in both loadouts.

A zappy shockwave that's one of the few moves that are ranged in the Paladin's arsenal, Light Shock does not have an extensive range, however. What makes it a great choice is Light's Vestige, the second tripod, which makes enemies who are hit by it suffer 10% additional damage from the other players. Consider Swift Fingers as the first tripod to ensure that it's quick. You can also choose Powerful Shock as the third tripod that doubles its damage, though even then it's most useful for buff. This is for your loadout to support you.

A rewarding skill to master, Godsent Law has you listen to the holy word so loudly that everyone who hears it is smashed into a ball of words. The first tripod, Shield shields the party members that happen to be within its radius. And the second one, Brilliant Law, gives the same debuff similar to Light Shock with Light's Vestige. They aren't stackable, so it is best to alternate between these two abilities to ensure that bosses will be always affected by one or the other. Grace for the third tripod provides a 70% reduction to the damage that is thrown at party members. It's another support skill.

A huge, old-fashioned wall of best place to buy Lost Ark Gold holy light that provides a shield for anyone in its vicinity, Holy Protection is one of the Paladin's most powerful support assets. You can use it when you're close to the guardian to snare the gunlancer with the face tank and the deathblade that is backstabbing with it. The first it's a tripod Quick Pace adds a movement buff, but the real great thing is the second tripod Purify. It creates Holy Protection remove the last debuff that is suffered by all players within the range of it, as well as Vow of Light, which adds a small heal when it's turned off.