Will our channel be blocked by Telegram by purchasing a Telegram member?

If you do not have the patience to read the rest of the text, I have to say "no" in one word. Hit a fake or real member for his competitors and block his channel.

Telegram currently blocks channels only for copyright and immoral content

Will the members fall by buying Telegram members?

It depends on whether you buy a fake or real member, any kind of real member will fall because they are real users and if they do not like the content of the channel, they will definitely give up, but fake member, as we explained in the section above, two models with a fall And they have no loss, if you buy a member without a loss, it will not be a loss on the part of the members, but if Telegram detects it, it may delete them.

Telegram bulk message It may be impossible for Fgmember to make this possible. It’s impossible but we have made it possible and we are able to send messages to more than twenty thousand people during the day.

Telegram is actually a messenger and messengers have certain features and functions such as WhatsApp and Viber, but these features are very advanced in Telegram, and the capabilities of the group, supergroup, Telegram channel, and even robots and polls. Hashtags and dozens of other features have been added to it, which is too much for a messenger to expect from Telegram’s competitors. So it is safe to say that Telegram is a very popular program and has a high position in the international community.

You may say to yourself what is the value of a public message and compare this method with sending a text message. In response, it should be said that you may receive several promotional text messages during the day. To be sent, you will certainly pay more attention to the messages, especially if these messages are sent on the Telegram platform.

Telegram bulk messaging is very useful because, in addition to having a very high efficiency compared to other methods, we can send a public message to specific members. These members can be men or women and can even be in a specific area. Be from the world or be special members with a special category. It should be noted that the targeted members that you attract in the method of increasing the membership with the mass message of Telegram are of high quality and will have very high efficiency.


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