The war of the titans (i.e. The battle of the titans, i.e. Generic Vs. Branded drugs continues. It is the consumers who have benefited from this tussle. While brand-name drugs remain the most popular with those who have used them over the years and are happy with their effectiveness, Generic versions allow for a greater variety of users to test them. Generic versions offer the same benefits but at a lower price. Generic drugs - Cenforce 100 are becoming a hot favorite for men with erectile dysfunction. Because these matters are connected to sex, love, and cost, regular use would be difficult.


Generic Viagra, an ED drug, is 66% cheaper than Brand Viagra.


Modern men are increasingly being faced with the fear of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to conceive or maintain sufficient erection for his own sexual needs and those of his partner. With the introduction of Viagra, a brand drug that treats impotence, men can now see the light again in their lives.


Since its 1998 introduction, Viagra, the brand name drug of Pfizer Inc., has changed the lives and relationships of many men. Viagra can be taken one hour before you engage in sexual activity. Viagra is not effective without stimulation sexually. Zenegra is not an aphrodisiac, and it doesn't increase sexual desire. Its popularity, even after generic versions were made available, can be demonstrated by the large number of people who log into websites to search for Viagra information and then to purchase them online.


Although there were some misinformation about Generic drugs' utility and effectiveness in the past, people are now beginning to recognize them as safe products with the right marketing and publicity. Some doctors even recommend Generic Drugs to patients based on their economic situation. People initially misunderstood the low cost of Generic drugs to mean that they were inferior in quality. Generic drugs are typically less expensive than brand-name drugs because Generic drug manufacturers don't have to incur the same research and development costs as Brand drug developers.


Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence or erectile dysfunction, can be caused by mental or physical causes. Impotence can cause a halt in your sex life, and ultimately lead to stress for your partner. You are not the only one suffering from impotence. Impotence is not an inevitable part of aging, but it does increase with age. This is often due to external factors such as health conditions. There are many remedies for erectile dysfunction.


Viagra is one of most commonly prescribed prescription medications for erectile dysfunction. Impotence-Guide reports that Viagra has been used by over 16 million men around the globe to treat their impotence. It was first introduced in 1998. It contains PDE-5 inhibitors, which unwind blood vessels and cause blood to fill the erectile orifice. The erectile function then expands, which results in an erection. Vilitra 20 has been proven to work on 60- to 75 percent of men who have used the drug to treat their impotence. It is best to take Viagra 30 minutes before you expect sexual activity. Erections can last upto four hours and are usually over by the time you ejaculate. Viagra can have dangerous side effects.


Cialis was the first supplement for erectile dysfunction to compete with Viagra. It was introduced in 2003 and works for an average of thirty-six hours. This makes it suitable for unintentional sexual activities. Some people report that Cialis' effects lasted up to seventy-two hours. Cialis is not affected by drinking or eating, unlike Viagra and Levitra. About eighty-one percent of men who use Tadalafil are successful.