If you run a boat cleaning company then probably one of the best customers you can have during strong economic times is a Yacht Sales company. Yacht Sales companies generally have fairly decent locations at the marina, thus, it's a great place to be seen working. Future yacht owners will also see you working, which is great for your future customer base. Just washing and detailing boats along the Yacht Sales dock or amongst their slips is nothing short of a quasi endorsement that you are the best boat detailer in the area.

Best of all when times are good they will have unlimited work. Yachts which are put onto consignment will need detailing, and those boats the company purchases may need a complete refurbishing. If your prices are fair, you may find yourself with more work than you can do, and thus, you won't need any more customers, or be able to take on more work until you expand.


Beware of the inconsistent revenues of such companies, as they may run into cash flow challenges between major sales and thus, may become delinquent on their payables cause you too to have to deal with a cash flow situation of your own. Try to work with them, build trust, and loyalty.

If your marina is one which deals with seasonality issues, you need to keep your promises especially towards the end of the season to get your jobs done on time or ahead of schedule so they can drive sales. Join their team, be a team player, and watch your business grow as they give you more work, more referrals, and treat you to future success.


Generally, there will be competition for boat detailing and washing at Yacht Brokerage Companies, and yes, it might take some time to get your foot in that door, but that's okay because once you get in that door and show them what you can do, you will find a steady flow of business from them. The future benefits to your business from the purchasers of boats from the yacht broker will be like a shot of adrenaline.

I'd definitely recommend that you target boat and yacht brokers, and consider putting this market segment into your business and marketing plans. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns then go ahead and drop me an emails some time and we can discuss all this.