Titanium pipe is a constituent of a water supply piping that have immense advantages over ordinary metal pipes (copper, iron, lead) and stiff plastic pipes. This type of pipe is very flexible, faster to install than other types of pipes, does not corrode, let the pinholes to develop and most importantly it is resistive to chlorine and the formation of scales. Now days it has replaced various ordinary pipes like PVC known as polyvinyl chloride and CPVC which stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.

Titanium Sheet

A Titanium piping is constructed from high concentration of polythene tubes that makes it available for different applications. The main advantage of this tube is its capacity to remain supple in cold temperature. This pipe is cheaper than other rigid pipes and requires less time to install and requires very few settings or fittings. Titanium tubing pipe can be stored in spools. Also it weighs less than metal or rigid plastic tubing which makes them less expensive to ship and are very simple and easy to store. At the time of installation, this tube can be unrolled directly from the spool and requires very less fittings. This makes one to save time and money of running pipe.

This tube can be made to bend at 90 degree without the need of the elbow fittings where as other metals and plastic tubing cannot be bended at 90 degrees without using outer fittings. There are lot of connection methods that are used in installing and Titanium fittings. Some methods out of these are proprietary and repair special fitting tools. Three basic tools that are required for the average crimping method when one is working with TITANIUM are pipe cutter, a main crimping tool and de-crimping tools. And Titanium Tube comes in various sizes that can be used in various prominent applications.