Despite all the effort put into their Nba 2k22 Mt games prior to launch however, there are bound to be some issues that get to the gamers. While these are generally dealt with rather quickly, some glitches can be so prevalent that the sheer amount and intensity of them could sabotage a highly anticipated release such as Cyberpunk 2077.

Not all bugs are game-breaking, however, and there are bugs that will not necessarily help a game and can instead provide some unintentional chuckle that sticks with players more than if everything performed as they should.

User on Twitter Christian Antonio showcased one of the amusing bugs they found on NBA 2K22. In a cutscene referring to shot efficiency The NPC giving advice takes unique methods to take your game to the next stage: nothing.

The scripted dialogue is not able to load, and the NPC remains looking at the player with a confused look for about five full seconds in silence. The funny sequence is that dialog of the player is displayed, and responds to the player with "oh, I got you," before disappearing from the room.

Although it's not proven to 2k22 mt buy be a glitch, it definitely seems unnatural enough to be considered one. It does not appear to be game-breaking, however it falls into a category as the bug that causes Baldur's Gate 3.