Addiction to alcohol and prohibited drugs occur quickly, but they are very difficult to kick out. Based on the definition of addiction, Best Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi  the person continues to use alcohol and other drugs despite encountering problems related to substance abuse addiction. Over the years, the number of victims of substance abuse addiction is dramatically Best Rehabilitation Center in Delhi  increasing. However, if you know what to look for, it is easy for you to recognize the 3 warning signs of substance abuse addiction. Abusing different drugs or alcohol and manifested different physical effects, the warning signs of addiction are similar. Best Rehabilitation Center in gurgaon The warning signs include both physical and psychological.

Among the 3 warning signs of substance abuse and addiction, one of them is the loss of control. In other words, the addicts are losing control in taking drugs or drinking alcohol more than the maximum limit. Oftentimes, more addicts devote more time to their bad habits. This would be the reason why most of them begin to neglect their responsibilities both at home, at work, or school. They also withdraw themselves from society, as their only concern is to drink alcohol or take a particular drug.

Other warning signs of substance abuse addiction include tolerance and dependence. In the long run, as the person will continually take drugs and alcohol, they might develop a tolerance to the substance, which means the person will no longer feel the effects if he drinks the same amount he took before. To that, an addict needs to increase the dose of drugs or alcohol to achieve intoxication or to feel high.

As the person becomes dependent on a particular drug or alcohol cannot function properly without the intake of the drugs or alcohol. If the addicted person will stop using a drug or alcohol, he may suffer withdrawal symptoms. It is a normal condition when a person is deprived ofa particular substance in just a few hours.

These withdrawal symptoms vary from substance abuse, level of addiction, and the length of time being an addict. The common withdrawal symptoms include mood swings, sweating, depression, shaking, muscle aches, and a strong craving for drugs or alcohol. But for those who are addicted for several years, the tendency to experience severe symptoms like seizures, hallucinations, and delirium tremens is much higher than for those who are binge drinkers or moderate users.

If you have friends or loved ones who have the 3 warning signs of substance abuse addiction, better to talk with them and convince them to seek professional help. When the person is in the middle of addiction, they will deny it at most times. With proper intervention, you can save them from the negative impacts of substance abuse addiction before it is too late.