While boxing may appear intimidating at first glance, you do not need to be intimidated by it at all. As a beginner boxer, you must familiarize yourself with some basic boxing techniques before taking your first boxing class or training session. This will ensure that you are well-positioned to succeed in the ring. There is always a benefit to brushing up on the basics regardless of your fitness level. The more you train to learn the correct technique and to understand how to box, the more chance you have of progressing. 

Listed below are some of the most important boxing techniques

Boxing stance

Taking one step back with your right foot is the right boxing techniques if you are right-handed. If you are left-handed, you should do the opposite. Make sure that your lead toe is in line with your rear heel. Turn your lead shoulder towards your opponent or your bag. Bend your knees slightly for increased agility. Staggering your stance will help you maintain your balance.

Additionally, this boxing technique allows you to use your hips to generate more power when you throw a punch. By taking this stance in a real match, you also make yourself a smaller target for your opponent, giving them a smaller area to connect a hit on.

Boxing breath

Prepare to take a punch by inhaling. Exhale rapidly through your mouth while keeping your jaw closed as you throw the ball. When you do this, you should hear a hissing sound. If you were to take an elbow to the chin in a real match, you would risk breaking your jaw if you had your mouth open. You must exhale sharply to engage the core and connect the punch with your body. As a result of this breath work, both timing and power can be improved.


As you step forward, rotate at the hips, pivot your rear foot forward, and extend your rear arm straight out in front of you. Do not bend your elbow. Make sure that your weight is distributed equally through both legs as well.


Try to raise your front elbow parallel to the floor like you are stirring a pot. Turning your knee and rolling your hip over for more power is possible by pivoting on your front foot. It is important to turn everything simultaneously to make sure you are connected.


As you turn your hip and pivot your foot, bend your arm and throw a punch from the ground up. Be careful not to curl your arm. The power will not come from the biceps but the legs. Make sure you pull your fist back to your face as quickly as possible to reset it.


Lower your hips and bend your knees if the opponent throws a shot at you. After that, shift your weight from one leg to the other as you rise. Ducking is also considered a defensive technique, just like slipping. When you duck under a shot, you will rise on the other side of the shot to throw a countershot.

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