Have a desire to enroll in the best universities? Let QW School help you! With this professional team, you will achieve more than you could imagine. Here you can develop your knowledge and deepen your understanding of various subjects. As a private high school and elementary school in Brampton, QW School has been helping students achieve their academic goals since 2006. This is one of the leading Ontario virtual high schools that allows different students to enroll in their desired universities or colleges. 

QW School is Ministry inspected, licensed, and approved high school focused on guiding students in academics. From Grade 9 to 12, this school offers many types of academic courses as per your goals. If interested in their classes, you can get admission by filling out the application form because admissions are open. Students participating in secondary school programs are expected to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. They can gain honours and compete for the Governor General’s Award. This school aims to prepare students for:

  • university
  • college
  • other post-secondary education
  • the job they seek


Why Teachers from QW School Stand Out

At QW School, you will meet a professional staff of experienced teachers. It significantly influences student achievement and strives to inspire them to reach more heights. These instructors have already helped many students by encouraging them every step. Here are a few reasons why these teachers are so excellent:

  • They are knowledgeable and experienced  
  • They always have a positive influence on students' achievement
  • Each student gets a friendly approach.
  • Teachers monitor learning and then provide feedback 
  • They never stop learning
  • They  guide learning through classroom interactions


QW School also participates in different seminars, presentations, and tests conducted by many organizations and schools. This helps students feel more encouraged and gain much confidence. As the instructors from QW School engage in lifelong learning, they also set an example for their students. This, in turn, inspires their students and helps them develop into lifelong learners. 

QW School offers a course in Canadian and international law grade 12. This course examines elements of different rules in social, political, and global contexts. Students will study the historical and philosophical sources of law and the principles and practices of international law. They will learn to relate them to issues in Canadian society and the wider world. Canadian and international law grade 12 course helps students use their critical thinking and communication skills, so they can: 

  • analyze legal issues 
  • conduct independent research 
  • present the results of their inquiries


There are a lot of benefits this course offers, so all you need is to apply online. There are many more courses students can go for, and another course is BMI3C Grade 11 Marketing. It introduces the fundamental concepts of product advertisements, such as:

  • Marketing
  • Goods
  • Services 
  • Events 


Hurry up to participate in BMI3C Grade 11 Marketing, and let these teachers help you succeed in your career path.