In recent years with the rapid development of our society our cherry blossom wedding centerpiece decoration industry is also a colorful products, and accessories in the simulation of plant has an unshakeable foundations position is, because it is many years of accumulated reputation and it is now the quality of the products that we get more recognition, and the appearance of the simulation plant is a big window, the simulation plant is we've gone through 20 years improved countless life work, so there will be a stunning appearance simulation plants now.
First we introduce the simulation plant products are divided into several categories, simulation plants are divided into outdoor simulation tree, tree of indoor simulation, simulation flower, simulation of plant wall, simulation green carving, large artificial blossom trees simulation turf of this a few kinds of, we generally indoor decorative wall green plant or the simulation plants, because the two products are small simulation plants is also very suitable for interior decoration, decoration indoor there will be a different atmosphere and different atmosphere, during a visit to such as adornment, can make our customers with a better dining environment, so let's get back. And decoration in outdoor simulation tree is beside the road, in the factory, the outdoor playground, park, square, industrial areas, etc., are all very good adornment.
For example if we want to customize a simulation model of coconut trees and a simulation model of palm trees, we can not only to make it the length of the trunk and leaves bright and coconut we can also customize the size of the we want to be a combination of, this is the simulation of plant has a variety of appearance, and variability within the use of materials, we also can choose. And indoor simulation of plant and plant has the same effect in nature, but we can free installation, indoor simulation plants don't like real plant is a big limitation, we assembled can let we can have more casual side. The simulation plant ultra high identification with rumors of his own appearance and not easy to rub off for a year, can be preserved for a long time for us the perfect torso.
The simulation plant is what we want to speak with a high degree fake blossom tree of recognition and variability of adornment, but why do you say it has a high identification? Its recognizable high does not mean that its appearance and the true plants vary widely, but it has the nature of the features and characteristics of the plants have no, let us can see out of this is not in the nature of a kind of amazing, as the simulation plant variability, in both simulation flower simulation tree or plant wall, can customize the appearance by our different decorations.
Why the simulation plants said it is a Faux cherry blossom tree kind of trend ornaments? Because simulation plants can be decorated in many places, but no matter where decoration will only improve its taste, do not lose class, but also the relative will enhance our taste, not only played a beautify the environment effect is played to improve their taste effect.