Touch screen interactive whiteboard advantages smart board interactive whiteboard have?
High degree of equipment integration;
Dustproof, guard against knock against, storage, convenient;
Mobility strong, fully implement the resources sharing, greatly improve the equipment utilization;
The operation is convenient, easy to control. Do not take smart interactive whiteboard up space, such as heavier advantages.
High efficiency with it, multimedia teaching anytime and anywhere from now on is no longer a dream!
According to the actual characteristics of ordinary primary and secondary schools, carrying, flexible! Entirely replace "projection + + computer power amplifier audio + + hd video booth" electronic platform such as complicated traditional teaching mode, only one device, can meet the demand of multimedia teaching! Is bought up all the school, substitute to a new generation of high-tech products.
High integrated with it, you from now on become more capacious smart board whiteboard and bright classroom!
Satisfy the requirement of the conventional projector hoisting, projector, amplifier, audio, computer and other multimedia equipment highly integrated, without electronic platform, such as liquid crystal display device occupy the precious classroom space, clean and tidy!
High convenience convenient operation with it, your classroom interactive digital whiteboard into a multimedia classroom at any time! May at any time on the Internet.
Teachers just put the power supply and cable plug, open the box.
High security with it, you don't have to worry about any security electronic board for classroom issues from now on!
According to the use of "box, namely" class principle, portable, secure mobile, can trust of multimedia teaching at any time from now on!
High utilization with it, your multi-media teaching into the era of "student multimedia" from now on!
New features of the equipment is fully embodies the resources sharing, solved the equipment utilization rate is low or the problem of inadequate. Or freely in any use in the classroom, students can also participate in the whole process of multimedia teaching.