Now people living standard rise, food and beverage industry is booming, Interactive digital signage how to attract more passenger flow is restaurant businesses more focused on things. While multimedia information publishing system for formal dining an essential tool for digital stores, system to the restaurant business to provide more intelligent and convenient services, as well as more modern environment, build strong visual temptation, improving customer consumption experience.
At present many restaurants will use the multimedia information publishing system, the system can be made into digital menu and digital signage is a good communication tool, can be used to more efficiently manage the restaurant. Good simply edit the programme information release system, through the network can be launched at any time, total control platform, whenever and wherever a key release all stores across the country, the brand management easier. Can also according to different characteristics to make the differential marketing, realize the accurate delivery.
Interface aesthetics, aesthetics is to create an attractive brand digital signage kiosk information, is an important factor to attract more customers. Intelligent digital menu allows to create content, more attractive.
Unified management: intelligent multimedia information publishing system USES the Internet architecture, server management through the clouds, through the system permissions distribution can be efficient, standardized menu of different stores into the headquarters for unified management.
Interactive: multimedia information publishing system compared with static display has more vitality and freshness, to create more interactive experience. Improve the consumers' dining experience.
Easy maintenance: software system adopts cloud architecture, without digital signage screen professional technical personnel to participate in, market or store clerk can independently complete the menu editor, delivery and management, and other operations.
Remote training: Internet attribute of the intelligent multimedia information publishing system, remote training can be performed. Standard, unified training content in different locations, can reduce the management content loss produced by understanding does not reach the designated position.
Flexible expansibility: multimedia information publishing system touch screen digital signage provide a standard API data interface, flexible docking social network, database, network media, POS system, interactive applications such as real-time network information source.